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Jude and Lividlipids really test my patience, but watching them is like watching a slow train wreck. I don’t despise them though, at most I’m just mildly irritated. Between the two, Lipids is far better at getting me MOTI, but that’s only because she has kids that have to put up with her.


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I hate the tendency among lolcows to use serious mental health problems for asspats - suicide baiters, PTSD fakers and the like. Ditto those who cry rape. These are difficult issues for real victims to deal with and seek help for, and it pisses me off that there are people who devalue them.

Most lolcows I follow make their own karma -they’re pretty despicable people, but they mostly seem to lead pretty miserable lives. Toren, for instance, is a perverted, predatory scammer, but he’s also a pathetic impoverished alcoholic with no friends.

Becky Gerber pisses me off because she evades that karma. She’s a horrible person, but she has a life of ease and privilege. Her cucked husbands also annoy me because it frankly winds me up to see people that pathetic.

Along similar lines, Heather, Zinnia’s missus. She works to support two kids and Zach (and formerly Zach’s boyfriend). Zach clearly doesn’t love her (in fact, he seems to hate her), brings nothing to the household and whines endlessly about his ex. Yet Heather won’t grow a spine and boot the fat freeloader to the kerb. I guess this one annoys me more because there are kids involved


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Besides the obvious like the Zoophiles/sadists and pedos, I have a genuine hatred for assholes who fake mental illness; especially if its just to be Quirky~.

I also really despise Yaniv and Morgane Ogre, Onision and Tommy Tooter too. But at least Tooter is on Death's Doorstep and Onision is knee-deep in serious legal shit.


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There's always something irritating about people who were one inch away from improving themselves or their shitty content, but refuse to take the advice because they're either lazy or really love themselves. Most lolcows fall under that; not enough for me to despise but to believe more in natural selection. As for genuinely despising, any pedophile or guy who eats his own shit and expects sympathy for people laughing at him for eating shit I guess.

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I don’t really despise any of the cows I watch because they amuse me more than anything (except for the nonces and abusers, they disgust me), but man... every time I think of Kelly Ronahan, my stomach flips and I feel slightly nauseous. I truly wish I had never looked at the pictures and videos of her fucking legs. Especially the picture of her nerve that she snipped out of her leg with a pair of scissors. That one haunts me the most. (:_(


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Lily Orchard. She’s such a smarmy, malicious, condescending bitch. I don’t even want to approach her thread because just about everything she says or does makes me irrationally angry.
That's one I unsubscribed from because of pure annoyance and found I was doing more yelling at the cow than laughing, much like Bob Chimpman or Dobbo, two other insufferable cunts who are more annoying than funny.


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Furrys in general

For such a small super niche community the sheer number of them that get caught up in drama/despicable shit that ends up in animal control is ridiculous,,not just the cows themselves but their orbiters/fans.And thats just the ones who are exceptional enough to publicly out their degeneracy for all to see

Then their are the 'good' furrys,but really they arnt,they still engage in the run of the mill furry lunacy/larping while they know a significant number of their 'kin' are dangerous deviants.


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Contrary to what I post and what I say on these farms, it takes a lot for me to hate someone. The Zoosadists piss me off because they hurt children and animals and get off to it. Furries in general make me angry because of their non-stop victim complex and a lack of taking solutions because once a solution is found, it can no longer be harvested for attention. You also have the distinct lack of self-awareness when they post ugly, disgusting porn of characters I like on mainstream websites when I'm not even trying to go out of my way to find them (in fact I'm trying hard NOT to find them). And it's not like I hate them for being into that (whatever, just keep it quarantined on furaffinity or inkbunny or whatever), it's that they need to take popular characters and really push the envelope with how disturbing or depraved they can end up getting and posting it on mainstream websites where people aren't interested in looking for it.

I hate SpoonyOne with a burning passion too. Makes me mad because TotalBiscuit lost his life and this sad sack of shit is wasting his being a crybaby. He also lies about crimes he commits, especially when those crimes get other people hurt and taken to a hospital, with zero remorse. I have no sympathy for SpoonyOne and I really hope something extremely bad happens to him that will wake him out of his self-pity.

There are others, but those I think are by far my all time most hated.


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Aside from the child and animal abusers, it's people like Zoey Quinn and Monica Rial, who do some horrible shit and then get it covered up and defended. I hate liars, especially the ones who are so obvious about it but get away with it.
I’ll always despise liars like Rial and Quinn that have people not only willing to accept their lies as truth, but will go the extra mile to try to defend them. It’s a pretty disgusting show of character or lack thereof. A lot of them are the types who like to talk about making men more accountable but they themselves don’t want to be held accountable for anything they do.

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I try not to get too MOTI at Lolcows, if their on this site then they are already getting what they deserve.

however Yanniv always gets me riled up. It’s mainly the way he exploits social media, SEO and DMCA shit to try and hide his trails all whiles trying to milk sympathy points from the LGBT folks.
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