Lolcows you miss/missed -

Youlkensteind or however you spell it. He used to make troll videos on YouTube, saying he was a religious guy with a teenage voice, and hated game reviewers who swore in their videos. He celebrated the Angry Video Game Nerd's ban from YouTube, I remember that. Eventually, it turned out that he wasn't really a dedicated Christian, he was merely trolling, iirc.

Peak Spax3 drama was magical. That was about a decade ago, wasn't it? Around the time when he wanted to sue a 12 year old girl (his mother was a lawyer), and I forgot what other weird shit he was doing, I just recall him being a really autistic Sonic fanboy. It was getting so bad that BigAl2k6 had a LOOONG Skype call about this uploaded to YouTube.

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I joined up just as Nick Bate was put in the slammer, but every so often I still browse all three threads just because it's such a wild ride of insanity and depravity but ends on a happy ending. I sort of miss Nick, just because he fascinated me so much, his self inflected self-destruction of his health. I sort of wish he was still around, just so we can see just how more he has decomposed like rotting jack-o-lantern.

But since that would mean he'd still be around and being Nick Bate I'm more than satisfied with the reality he's currently in.


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Jace. Everything he did was so insanely funny and stupid. I suppose I knew that it couldn't be real on some level, but I think what made Jace so popular compared to other lolcows was that even with all his selfishness and stupidity, he occasionally did something that was genuinely nice and touching, like raising money for Eli's Xbox. Most lolcows aren't like that, the vast majority are just solipsistic sexual deviants.


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I miss Fists the Echidna. She was this girl who shipped herself with Shadow, and had an aqua female Knuckles as her sona. Her ED page was the first one I've ever read, and I remember when she was still active. She was infamous for her screaming rant videos towards Sonic12309, (Who was a YouTube user who shipped Shadow x Amy and claimed to be Sonic's Biggest Fan) and for her support for recolours. Her rants were remixed and turned into YouTube Poops, and some of the highlights were:
- her phone ringing in the first rant
- her mentioning Curtis (I'll talk about "him" later) rolling on the floor, trying not to laugh
- her repeating "You just wanna see how many friends you can get!" And "Japan!"
- her rambling about how Shadow isn't paired with anyone

Eventually, she took the rants down. The videos themselves are long gone, but the remixes are still up.

As for her and recolours, she had several videos of her recolouring screenshots from Sonic X, other people's fanart, and official SEGA art. She compared hating recolours to hating America, and she was friends with Bludshot the Hedgehog, a very infamous recolorist. But what also lead her to getting a lot of hate was her saying, in a sock puppet account, that Shadamy (Shadow x Amy) pictures are only good for recolouring. This sock puppet account had the Curtis character she made up, which I think this is a good transition to her made-up friends. She has several of them, and she didn't do a good job hiding her identity. Here are a list of them:

  • Curtis The account where she made the comment on Shadamy. Here is a video where you can clearly tell that it's Fists.
  • Amelia I read from ED that she also shared this account with her sister, but one comment I read said that Amelia isn't real. Another thing to note is that Fists even took pictures of an Asian girl and tried passing it off as her.
  • Ty the Bat His voice sounded like it was pitched down, his art style looked like Fists', and he had a video with that one anime that Fists is a fan of. Also, he was Small the Cat's boyfriend...just be lucky that this wasn't true at all, because if it was, then it would be wrong on so many levels.
  • MonokiTheWolverine Mostly poorly drawn anime art with terrible anatomy.
  • Small the Cat It's obvious this isn't a real child; her voice sounds like someone trying to impersonate a kid, she kept changing her age, and she was actually banned from DeviantArt.

I found her making up these people more interesting than the Sonic12309 drama, to be honest. It's kind of depressing though; how lonely was this girl? She used the "You have no friends" argument to defend herself, but she made up these people. She made DeviantArt accounts, YouTube pages, GaiaOnline accounts and MySpace profiles for them and acted as if they were real people.

Fists actually did make amends with Sonic12309 and has improved on her art, which is a good step for her. One thing that I noticed was that she started saying that she hated Sonic and hates Shadow, sadly I can't show you it since her videos are gone.

She disappeared from the Internet; she deleted all of her YouTube videos and abandoned her account, she hasn't posted on her DeviantArt in like four years, and the link to her Facebook doesn't work. She has wrote a journal entry talking about her personal life, and how she misses her old friends. The description on her channel now says that it's just a channel for her three year old to use.

From the looks of it, Fists basically got tired of the Internet, probably wanted to get away from the infamy, and focus on her real life.

Most of this information is from memory, a lot of the videos and images are lost, and I either can't find some of these accounts or I don't remember the exact name.
i will miss sargon because he is a magnet for autism


i meant i would miss sargon if he left
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I miss all the Deagle Nation madness that was going on when I first started lurking on the Farms.

I also sort of miss Todd Daugherty/N9OGL, when his thread was first posted I was laughing my ass off at his sheer insanity. Too bad it fizzled out pretty quickly.

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what happened to that fat guy, chase something? my600poundlife or something? I can't even find this thread with how useless xf2's search function is
No, not a star of a show, his tumblr name was "my800poindlife" or something, he was just a gross fatty with a slab of fat hanging off his torso. I recall him actually dying or something, so his thread might be locked.

I believe you mean Chance. Yeah, I looked for his thread too, and couldn't find it for some reason.


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If you’re talking about Chance Carmichael (afatchance), he dead.

For the entertainment value I miss John S(exually) Bulla and his weird word salad (of fucks) tweets. He was getting so unstable though that it’s probably better for everyone he might encounter to have him locked up.

Call me exceptional but in a weird way I miss good ol Mikemikev. It took relatively low effort to get him to chimp out epically.


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I miss SephirothSlave. She was one of my very first ED pages and my first personal lolcow. She has a couple of accounts hanging around for various things and still very vaguely talks about how she's married to astral-man-who-looks-like-and-calls-himself-Sephiroth, but she doesn't really talk about any of it on the internet anymore. With Blurty well and truly dead, it's likely we've reached the end of an era unless her "spirit guides" call her back to "educate the masses" again.

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Emer Prevost.

His old rant/reaction videos are still up, but it was funny seeing this 450+ pound fatass tard rage over the silliest shit. More funny when you knew things about his personal life, like getting fired from his only job because he stank too much. Less funny that he died in his mid 30s