Lolcows you would hang out with irl -

The Shadow

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I'd probably get along with Razorfist. Although I'd probably get out some hair clippers the second he bitched about Metal Gear Solid or politics. Which I'm sure would happen.

I'd also like to hang out with MovieBob to see if he's as insufferable in person. I may need to imbibe enough scotch to give an elephant cirrhosis beforehand, though, and I can't promise I wouldn't sucker punch his smug fat face.

I'd hang out with The Wizard from RLM. He's mostly only a borderline cow anyways, and if it meant I could bask in the presence of Rich Evans for a moment, my life would be truly blessed.

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Tony Goldmark- I just want to find out how in the world he can fit in a rollercoaster.

movie blob- I just want to see what he does when you try to reason with him face to face

Spoony- I really just want to help the guy get his shit together . Maybe try and get him to start making videos again or at the very least help him get a proper job.


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The closest I could get to hanging out with lolcows would be if I could observe Chris and Cole stuck in a room together for a couple of hours with only each other for entertainment and conversation without them knowing I'm there.


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Riley Jay Dennis would be fun if we could spend the time putting our ducks in each other's anuses.

Actually that goes for virtually any relatively good looking male, female, or otherwise cow.
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i know it's a bizarre answer (and probably a verboten topic) but mr enter. he always seemed like an okay guy that was wound up so tight he couldn't help but be a stick-in-the-mud sped

i would sit him down and pop in some movies where the bad guys win and the good guys lose just to watch his autistic brain explode

then i'd go to a titty bar and we'd discuss the merits of asexuality


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I very nearly met @Autphag IRL. I'd kinda like to hang out with him just to see if he's that fucking loopy IRL. As far as I know he's apparently slightly more introverted IRL.

Chris-chan would be an obvious one. We could sperg about MLP and magical girl anime.

Maybe Sargon of Akkad, mostly because he's friends with JonTron.
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Apteryx Owenii

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I haven't actually read through Spoony's thread but I liked his D&D videos and Swat 4 let's plays. If his meltdowns are basically a result of not wanting \being unable to actually do anything work-wise, I could have fun gaming with someone like that. He reminds me of some people I know that were fun to hang out with except they eventually realized they needed to get a 'real' career.