Lolcows you'd actually hang out with -


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Not all Lolcows are terrible people, and some of the remainder are more fascinating than horrifying.

For me, I'd be totally down to spend some time with Josh Saunders, smoke weed, play guitar, discover some new music, swap stories. He actually seems like a chill dude when he's not chimping out. His cowness comes not from doing terrible things but from his naivete and tendency to have awful drama magnets for friends that cause him to get into ridiculous situations. I wouldn't want to be in his actual social circle due to the nonstop drama, but for an evening I'd chill with him.

What about you?


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pretty much any male. I would never hang out with a female because it would either end with a false rape accusation or the bitch snitching about me having an ounce of weed or something as bitches do or me getting too drunk/high and actually raping her but I have a very high tolerance for hanging out with people I don't like. I would just make fun of the ones I don't like until they get butthurt and leave. I'd even hang out with a puppy raping faggot like SnakeThing or worse, DSP.


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this guy seems pretty cool
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Also Josh Saunders but only outdoors because of odor that the Bond Tactical Soap (notasponsor) does not cover up.

I'd go to the bar with Josh, especially once he's rubbed all those pheromones all over his clothes so he can pick up a qt goth gf. Obviously I would wait until he gets paid his tard bux so I can just mooch off him like the rest of his "friends" do.