Lolcows you'd actually hang out with -

Wonder Boy

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Let's Find Out!

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When I saw the thread title I immediately thought of Josh and was oddly happy to see him in the OP. He seems like a genuinely decent person, despite his lolcowhood.

Also I'd totally hang out with Airsoft Fatty, but I don't think he's got a thread here because I'm not sure if he's truly a lolcow (although his lahs could probably promote him to cow status)...

Peru oso donas

Probably stonetoss because as much as i hate /pol/fags they are entertaining to talk to if they haven't gone full schizo.

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Everyone in my PM chat. You know who you are, you horny bastards.

Tim Pool. Despite his fence-sitting, autistic rambling, and basic-bitch views, he seems like an alright, well-adjusted guy.

The guy who made Temple OS. He was taken from us far too soon.

The Amazing Atheist. I used to be a watcher of his long ago during the YouTube fight against creationism, and I'd enjoy catching up with that fat ass. I watched a few of his newer videos, and they resonated with me on a personal level. Moral guardians of any stripe are the fucking worst.

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I worry that I know people who are lolcow-level, and that I spend time with them already and they're just as bad as, say, a Lou Gagliardi or at least a Matt Myers or Adrian Harrop. I'm fairly certain people I know in hobbies are spergs on at least the level of getting a mention in the SJW or troon threads, even if they keep their antics offline - but maybe they don't, and I just don't see their full nuttiness;

There's a couple I'd be interested in meeting just to see how different they are from their online personas, like Becky Gerber, Lynn Montello and Jake Alley. They seem to have a shitload of internet bravado that I sincerely doubt carries over into the real world.

But in terms of hanging out? There's a few, but usually the minor cows and the more normie ones. Nick Rekeita, Shoe and Armored Skeptic, Glinner. Also, a couple of the random ones that are massive spergs about one thing but seem fine as long as you're not talking about their one trigger point, as long as that trigger point is something like Nintendo rather than, say, politics.
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Marco Fucko

I fantasized about this back in Chicago
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Vaush tbh. Guy's eloquent enough to have a discussion with, and we could probably strategize legitimate progressive policies, as opposed to some fuckwit ideologue who refuses to engage in the politics of the system (despite the fact their precious Lenin advocated for engaging in electoralism as a bulwark against fascistic takeover, but y'know god forbid a political extremist be anything more than an online LARPer).

Flamenco sounds cute in an autistic sort of way. We could probably cuddle/smoke weed and watch anime.