Lolcows you'd actually hang out with -


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I disagree with Styx politically and religiously, but he'd be interesting to talk with on nonpartisan subjects like the history of occultism. If we talked something partisan he'd be too much of the free spirit "No one tells me what to do, man" type. Martin Shkreli isn't a lolcow in my book, but he has a thread and he seems like he'd be cool to hang out with. Btw Shkreli didn't do the bad shit the media accused him of - people who couldn't afford the higher price got a massive government subsidy to bring the cost next to nothing and Shkreli needed the money to update the drug's research. I'd redpill you more, but I'd charge you $1,000 per pill.

Also post-lipo suction Momokun because I'd wreck that shit like Princess Diana.

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Jim Sterling, he can be self-righteous and he goes too far in the direction of leaving things out in order to keep the GAME COMPANY BAD narrative going but he actually gives a shit about customer rights and I can get behind that. Mostly though its because I have a dumb sense of humour and I enjoy his ridiculous skits. Plus who else would commission a ridiculously huge purple lycra bodysuit for a one-off joke and then accidentally become a beloved amateur wrestler?

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Before his big downfall, I wouldn't have minded hanging out with Spoony. Even now I wouldn't mind so much just because his sadbrains probably wouldn't let him notice me looting all his tabletop stuff.

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Trisha Paytas or Courtney Stodden, preferably Courtney though because I love well meaning bimbos with a heart of gold, and I feel terrible for what happened to her at an early age.


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Gail, just because in her videos her house looks vaguely bearable to be in and I'd love to just hear her rant for hours about Jesuits and jizz missiles.


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LadyALT. She has some pretty unique perspectives, and seems like she would be funny in person.

Maybe Jim Sterling, since a lot of people are much less politically insufferable in real life.

I'm not up to date on my Cooking With Jack lore but Jack Scalfani seems like a he would be a fun uncle or something.


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Stonetoss seems like a hilarious person. Only reason he's even a "lolcow" is because some lefty made a whole thread because of le problematic politics; wouldn't say I'd agree with his politics, but he seems like a guy I'd genuinely want to hang out with.
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I dunno man, some of Stonetoss' output gives off a real strong Incel vibe and those people are never any fun to be around.