Lolcows you'd actually hang out with -


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I agree with a good share of what some choices have been here as for my own, but I'd also totally hang out with Dementcia, she just seems like she needs someone nice to chill with and her obsession with Hovis drives her nuts and it's both funny and sad at the same time.

Oh and JustinRPG, I'd fuckin' love to write music with him man.
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Jim Sterling, of course

gonna have a nice chat with him about video games and then it's gonna veer into politics and within the hour we're gonna be hatefucking each other
Probably Jim for me as well. Guy's up his own arse a lot of the time, but he actually enjoys vidya so we'd get on and maybe have a decent discussion or two.


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I utterly loathe like 99% of TGWTG and hate watching their content, but I feel like if I was at a party or something I could have a resonably pleasant time talking nerdy shit with Doug, Spoony and maybe even Linkara. Though I don't know much about comic books so that last one might be a stretch. I hate their goofy antics, I hate them peaking the mic on a constant basis, I don't like their editing, side gags or the goofy characters, but but I feel like once you take all that away you'd just have a fairly regular group of nerds.


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Lindsay Ellis before becoming too woketarded, seems like someone i would have liked to hang out to talk about movies and drink with. It i was younger, Arin Hanson and Digibro are the types of tards i'd hang out briefly just to talk about random bullshit.