London aquarium to raise ‘genderless’ baby penguin -


It's a fucking penguin. It is either male or female, and acts either male or female. End of.
Sounds pretty presumptuous to me. I seriously doubt anything in nature has a "genderless identity" as being ruled by instinct means being ruled by unique or not so unique biological urges. Even if they act similar to humans, to other penguins it might seem very different. And that's assuming the creatures are intelligent enough to have any identity at all.
I really hate how these people are trying to push stupid human garbage onto animals to pretend their made-up garbage happens naturally.
They wanna equate all this human gender shit? Fine.
Gay male penguins actively kidnap eggs from their real parents to have something to raise.
Does that mean gay human males have the right to run around ripping babies from a mother and fathers' arms?

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I don't get it. If they're saying that penguins of both sexes naturally behave and look pretty similar in the wild, then how the fuck is this "genderless" penguin anything new? Does humans giving them girl and boy names suddenly affect penguins at a genetic and psychological level? Don't people usually go to zoos and go see the penguins without thinking of genders anyway?

And I just love how they keep calling those two females a "same-sex couple", even though it's never implied they they're in love or fucking or displaying any homosexual behavior, just the fact that they're kept together to raise chicks in captivity is enough to call them a lesbian couple. 8 years ago it would've only been a lame joke.

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Aside from those people who are obsessed with their pets, have you ever met a person wo raised theirs in a very specific way due to their gender? I've owned male and female animals of all kinds, and I never said "well, you can't leave the house because you're a girl!!", not I've tried to make them wear stupid clothes. What kind of "preconceived gender roles" one person can have about a penguin??? Animals act on pure instinct, for god's sake...

one of Saki's worst short stories, honestly, but ... prescient?
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Experts at the aquarium usually give newborn penguins gender-based names, but in this case "decided it was more natural for the chick to grow and develop into a mature adult as genderless which is normal in the wild until they mature," the centre said in a press release. The chick has been fitted with a purple tag on its wing so it can be identified.
An all-natural purple tag, I presume.
That is probably fine. I am pretty confident if I found out that somebody had a bird and did not know if it was male or female I would not care.

On the other hand the fact that is a news story is fucking ridiculous.
It's news because it's a PR stunt from the aquarium. They get free publicity by pretending they're doing the progressive woke dance to calm the liberal spirits. They don't actually believe this shit.

How much longer until the troon bubble bursts and we can finally go back to normal?
Consider how long the third and fourth waves of feminism bubbles have lasted and then add in the fact that the troon bubble is pushed into actual law. This bubble is getting steel plating.

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Genderless zoos? Someone needs to start advocating for a genderless prison system lmao but seriously isn't this fucking pointless unless they're segregating penguins at this zoo by gender?
Oh, I'm sure the whole genderless thing will help all those endangered species they're trying to preserve.

I like how they hold up penguins as some sort of retort to the "LGBT is unnatural" crowd, but are oddly quiet about the unconsentual sexual habits of ducks. Appeal to nature is a fallacy for a reason, guys.
Don't penguins also steal other penguins' eggs if they can't produce any of their own? Plus there's this

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