Skitzocow Lonna Yejin Shin - Homeless schizo who wants to fuck her dead brother/the devil and masturbates in public library bathrooms

Lonna Yejin Shin is a homeless, possibly schizophrenic Korean-American scam artist in Las Vegas, NV with religious delusions and an obsession with her dead brother, Joseph Yosub Shin. She initially gained notoriety on Reddit for uploading videos of her getting semi-naked and twerking in public bathrooms.


^feat. Lonna getting interrupted by another customer

Lonna was born October 3rd, 1985 in Silver Springs, MD. Not much is known about her parents, but they did have two children before her- Joseph and Daniel. In 2002, when Lonna was 16, her 25-year-old older brother Joseph was shot outside of his apartment. The motives behind his murder are unclear, but his loss left a profound impact on Lonna that, 18 years later, has led to a fanatical obsession with him.

Washington Post Article

Since the murder, Lonna has developed a schizophrenic fantasy world starring her older brother, Joe. Her obsession with her brother has led to her dedicating many incestuous videos toward him on her channel, as well as posts on her Tumblr and Twitter. Many of these posts are coupled with the hashtags "joeandlonnaforever" and "yosubsgirl." Lonna believes that Joseph is sending her messages through music and text posts online to make her sexually frustrated and horny.

Her incest fantasies are coupled with the belief that Joe is in fact Lucifer/the archangel Michael/the Devil. She uses the names interchangeably throughout her content, but it is all in reference to the same person. She also believes that Joe/Lucifer wrote Star Wars to tell his story and that he is, in fact, also Darth Vader:

Mega Link - Darth Vader Archive

Lonna vs. The Internet:




As previously stated, Lonna has gained some notoriety on reddit. Particularly the subreddit r/InternetMysteries. She does not shy away from interacting with her fans. She insists that Joseph wasn't actually murdered and that anyone who insists otherwise is part of a conspiracy to gaslight her into thinking otherwise. You see, everyone else is delusional; not her. Also, if you call her schizo moans gibberish while she fingers her pussy? Well clearly you have never heard a real woman get off to the thought of her not-dead brother.

One of the redditors claims to know her family and filled the rest in on her situation. Her brother Daniel is also homeless in Las Vegas, her father died in the 90s, and her mother fucked off to the Philippines to avoid her trainwreck children.
lonnashin facebook.png

While most of Lonna's content is from December 2019 to present day, there are traces of her online presence. In 2018, Lonna was called out on her personal Facebook by a former friend who she grifted $10 from. The friend, Sabrina Clark, insinuated that Lonna had a private facebook group where she would e-beg for money and then remove those that paid her so she wouldn't get called out. Lonna then went into a convoluted rant about how Sabrina broke the rules of the group (what happens in Fight Club stays in Fight Club).

Lonna vs. the Police:

Like many schizophrenic homeless people, Lonna has had her fair share of dealings with local law enforcement.

Nevada vs. SHIN, LONNA
State vs. SHIN, LONNA

Lonna has been charged twice to public knowledge. She has spoken about her charges in one Youtube video after the police forcibly removed her from an elementary school playground/parking lot for loitering (and likely public masturbation/nudity). The first was in 2017 when she was hoarding animals in a house she was living in while not having them fixed or vaccinated. The second was in 2018 when she resisted arrest under the guidance of her living brother Daniel (who she said claims to be God). She was forcibly removed and banned from Motel 6 in Las Vegas. A cop had to hammer through the window of her motel room to get in because she had barricaded the door. She got pepper sprayed in the process. Having had many other run-ins with law enforcement, Lonna has come to the conclusion that all cops look like they have leukemia.

It is in these trying times that she believes her relationship with Joe/Lucifer is being tested. She believes he is putting her in these situations to test her loyalty and that she has no control over her actions/her experiences.

The Countdown:

On January 22nd, 2020, Lonna began a doomsday countdown on Tumblr to what she presumed would be her otherworldly reunion with her brother Joe so they could have sex and dominate the world. She did the meth math and everything was set to blow up on February 8th. The countdown provided a bit more a timeline for Lonna. Most notably that she was first homeless in 2008 after being evicted from her apartment and that she hadn't properly bathed in over a year. She also believed that her brother's murderer was Greg Kihlstrom, CEO of Career Gig in Washington D.C. When doomsday never came, she waited a couple days to post that she was still horny for her dead brother.

The only thing February 8th brought was Lonna deleting all of her old Youtube videos and tweets. However, her Tumblr posts still remain documenting this period of her life.

Recent Freak-Outs:

Recently, Lonna became a complete hypocrite by complaining that a guy was jerking off in a library (despite her masturbating in bathrooms of the same library on a weekly basis and leaving her homemade incest porn on the iPad for the librarians to delete). She also believes that her dead brother, Joe, made this guy appear and has previously made other guys come through walls and fall on top of her as a means of testing her loyalty. Joe also apparently tells her what animes to watch via Twitter, including Naruto:


She also took this opportunity to inform everyone that the only dick she wants to see belongs to her dead brother.

In her most recent video, Lonna claims that another homeless person tried to butt rape her with the tip of his penis and came inside her. She believes that Joe may have sent him to punish her for having sex with people that Joe/Lucifer told her to abandon.

Twitter Nudes:
As with any other crazy person on the internet, Lonna enjoys displaying her genitals and anus to anyone who comes across them.

Misc. Psycho Shit:

Link to Videos where she drinks her period blood

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Here Lonna is using a menstrual cup to collect her period blood so she can drink it and give bloody kisses to the camera.

Here she is drinking more of her period blood and calling it a smoothie.


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