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Right, Sluthate was down for a few days. During this time some users panicked and made this sister website- lookism.net

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This might be the SH splinter we were expecting. It's worth creating a new thread.

PLUS the post in' shitty advice':

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Pretty sure this is MRZ

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Website's a little sparse but it's filling up quickly. Enjoy!

Edit: An example of lookism salt
Scott Disick
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If there's one thing I PROFOUNDLY get annoyed by, is when people say that looks does not matter and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. STOP IT NOW!. People repeat clichés as if they were trained donkeys and this ENDS with my life. So I decided ONCE AND FOR ALL destroy myths about beauty and show that ugly people are fucked, sad, broken, humiliated and doesn´t even have 1/3 of quality of life of the beautiful people who have an easy and better life.

MYTH 1- Looks does not affect people's lives in the sentimental, professional and economic fields
Really, your sucker? It does indeed! And the influences are absurdly brutal that can simply seal the fate of the person.

- '' Beautiful women and handsome men are judged most talented, honest, kind and intelligent than their peers. Controlled studies show that people strive more to help attractive people - the same sex and the opposite sex. - Because they want to be accepted and loved by the beautiful people

'' - Ugly people earn less than the average wage and beautiful people earn more than the average wage."

- Beautiful students receive better reviews and attention from teachers.

- The most beautiful criminals receive reduced sentences. Ugly suspects have more work to prove his innocence

- Cute patients receive more customized treatment from their doctors.

Beautiful people are given positive traits automatically: They are already seen automatically as more cooperative and helpers no matter what they do. Beautiful people are more successful and popular than ugly people.

Men and women with the voice considered attractive tend to have a more active sex life and have more partners over a lifetime. It was also found a relationship between the voice and the physical type of its owner. More seductive voices , in general, were regarded as the most beautiful.

- Tall men earn more than short men. One year of experience in the labor market is equivalent to 50mm in height. One reason is that taller men invoke MORE RESPECT.

- Almost all elected American presidents were taller than rival candidates.

- Mothers who have cute babies spent more time carrying him in her lap, stroking, talking to him, and looking into the eyes than mothers with horrendous babies .

- Beautiful People find sexual partners more easily.

- Stronger and more muscular men have more female sexual partners and lose their virginity earlier


NO! You politically correct sucker. Learn:

'' Beauty patterns not only are the same for different cultures and individuals, but they are also innate. We are born with the idea of what is beautiful or not. ''

In all studies of psychology, within the United States, whether Asian or white, or black and white agree in which faces are more or less beautiful. In different cultures there is considerable agreement in the judgment of beauty) ...) in either study the degree of the Western media exposure had no influence on people's perceptions of beauty. How is it that people from very diverse cultures agree on what is beautiful or not?

It seems that people from different cultures share the same standards of beauty because they are INBORN; we are born with the knowledge of what is beautiful or not. Two studies conducted (...) with children 2 to 3 months longer look to faces they deem beautiful. Babies are very hedonistic and have no manners so they look what they consider pleasant. When babies look for something longer than the rest, this indicates that they prefer to look what they find attractive. ''

You can measure the beauty of a person as well. There are 3 beauty factors, bilateral symmetry, mid face and secondary sexual characteristics. The better these factors the more beautiful you are and the better your genes, IQ and physical health and development.

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JU 199

I predict that somehow this sister website is gonna gradually become its own entity over time with even what they believe in. That ought to make for some great conflict from Sluthate, which some of the users there think is outdated.

All I know is that I'll laugh my balls off if it turns into a SH Vs lookism civil war.

A third option could be a migration large enough to kill sluthate. I'm seeing a lot of new threads on the website saying how shitty it is.

I'm also observing many SH regulars posting on lookism. I'd personally love to see a civil war but I think SH days are unfortunately numbered. (:_(

Edit- examples-

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AlienFranco, my brother! - SlutHate.com  PuaHate .png
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