Loqueesha - Somebody actually thought this was a good idea in CURRENT YEAR

Chin of Campbell

The Coming Chin
How dare anyone make fun of those Based Blacks™? This movie should be banned, tbqhwyf. Crew should probably all be lynched, too.

Silent Observer

Some randy
How is this any different than White Chicks? IMO the only people who would be offended by this are white knights or black hoteps. People need to stop being such bitches. Tyler Perry literally uses the black mammy stereotype and gets millions. Just because another human being who just happens to have a different skin color decides to use it, and is in fact clearly making a commentary on it, that doesn't make him any kind of racist. If Soul Plane can exist, so can this, and imo, the fact that there is so much SJW uproar over this is exactly why the premise of this film kinda works.

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