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Trainwreck Lorena Spagnolo-Messinger/Jennifer Maddingly/Sere/Celeste Von M/Kabukireign/

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Ashtar, Jan 10, 2017.

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  1. Taken from a guest PULL user:

    More links:
    Her old SG account
    Old youtube
    Blog archived
    Website for whoring**
    Old Blogspot

    ** denotes active

    Okay so a short summary of Lorena. Originally she was a rando who ran a blog called shortgirlsguidetolife. It was a blogspot which has sense been deleted. An archive can be found above

    She went under the name Celeste Von M or Celeste Von Messinger. She was also a hopeful suicide girl. For those who may not know what those are-- they're wannabe suicide girls. If they catch on they become a full SG.



    The beginning of her internet drama is with the facebook group Sekai no Gyarusa which was basically an online gal-circle. She ran the group along with a few other gyaru. She was known to be bitchy as fuck to everyone else since she was the QUEEN OF GYARU.

    In real life her drama was much, much worse. She left Australia (her home) to come live with her Japanese husbando, Ryoya. When she left she left behind her child whom she has no contact with (not all her fault but more on that in a bit) with her "abusive" parents. In Sekai no Gyarusa her prostitution became common knowledge, someone decided to rat out her business in Japan to her parents. Lorena who is meltdown nobility freaked out and publicly recorded every little thing happening. Lorena's parents now have the kid and refused her to even see the child not that she was going to anyway LOL. This didn't stop her from breeding. She has more kids with Ryoya whom she also has no contact with. As soon as she had the kids she left to become a host.


    She tried to be a Danso host despite getting a titty implant LOL
    She opened a bar called "Fake Star" in Japan. It's a speakeasy from what I gathered on lolcow.

    Oh she also pimps out other girls!

    So after a long while of bitching and shitposting, she went silent all of a sudden. We found out Lorena left Japan with what we thought was a suspension of her visa. She moved to Korea which she constantly bitched about. When anyone asked if she was booted out of Japan she would give the excuse she was "traveling the world" and "on vacation"


    Wants everyone to know she wasn't deported.

    After Korea it was back to her home, Australia. She claimed she was "touring" Aussieland.

    We all thought this would be permanent and she'd stay down under, but as god doesn't exist she ended up back in Japan with a new visa after staying in Korea for 3 months. She has released an AV and has gone back to whoring. And according to lolcow she's still breeding. She may possibly be pregnant again.



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    Ashtar Nordic Space Alien

  2. Oh wow. I thought about making a thread for this chick but OP did I far better job than I would've ever done. Anyway, she sounds totally crazy.
  3. She should meet margo. I think theyd get along well
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    smallmilk small god

  4. Margo at least had an part in Venus's life albeit a horrific one. Sere wants nothing to do with her kids. She acts like they don't exist.
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    Ashtar Nordic Space Alien

  5. You know, not being in her children's lives is ok, actually that is probably better for them considering how she acts. But what are the chances she is paying any support for her kids lives?

    In Japan an abortion is expencive but she claims to have a $15,000 watch. There are also resources to import a medical abortion quickly from the west or China if you are in a pinch. If she wanted these kids to be born and birthed them is she paying support? Was there anything said before about adoption? I am behind on that since it's not up my alley.

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  6. i have questions.....
    1. is the stalking thing confirmed? like did she file a police report?
    2. is she still with her husband? the fuck is wrong with him?
    3. how old is their kid?
    4. also, who is she preggo with?? i thought that you had to have permission from the father to have an abortion in other countries.

    acceptable veterinary major- ill whelp your bitch.

  7. lol check out her pix. She is doing everything in her power to cover up her existence in them, from how she bends her legs to how she covers her face and does side profiles. Like she must have taken thousands of pictures of herself to nail down the best picture of herself not showing herself.
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  8. acceptable

    acceptable veterinary major- ill whelp your bitch.

  9. Why is it always Japan with these fucking freaks?
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  10. Poor girl wants to be an anime

    (Or judging from her life choices, a hentai)
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