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No way. The key to happiness is more testosterone. Leave your gonads alone. My advice above will lead to a guaranteed 25-30% increase in the magical hormone within 4 months. Do you want to a tyrannosaurus or a fucking bitch? Be a man.
This is essentially true except that the secret isn't testosterone (which you can buy) so much as the visceral energy of consuming the flesh of weaker mammals, who are numerous, especially in conjunction with MAOIs.
To be completely fair I suppose it would be possible to hack off your donk and still feast on the meat of smaller men, in principle.
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Why do you need faith in the world? Is Antifa gonna knock on your door? Learn a craft, move to a small city; hell, fly to Japan and learn how to bake bread by hammering it with a bamboo stick, become a Michelin-star chef and then die making minimum wage with no electronics in your home but a rusting AC unit.

Stop caring. Pull the plug. Go outside. If you really are that scared of the online climate, leave it. Sell your belongings and fly to another part of the world. Nothing on Earth is so shit t the point you can't just 'risk your life' in avoiding it.

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You can pretty much curate your perspective on the world based on the news you read and the ideas you choose to listen to on a daily basis. If it's really getting to you, it's better to just unplug for a little while. Ignorance is bliss. You can barely do anything about it anyways.

It's also best to keep in mind that history cycles and repeats itself all the time.
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I just recently made this account because I'm not sure where else to express my feelings anonymously so pardon me.
Recently I have been going through depression from seeing how the world is becoming more insane as time goes on. From Antifa, #metoo, MSM lies, censorship, LGBT and all that stuff. Meanwhile good people are punished for speaking out and telling truths. Everyday, I see the same shit happen again and again and again how these insane people on the left can do all these grotesque things and defend it. Recently I learnt about the incident in Oldham where a group Islamics went and attacked Tommy Robbinson's campaign that has women and children. Not only that, they were escorted there across the country by the police, the people that are supposed to enforce the law and the let this happen. And then of course MSM twisted the story to make Tommy Robbinson's campaign responsible for the violence. I'm so afraid of shit like this. It's like logic and reason no longer exist in this world. The more and more I hear stories like this, my outlook on life has turned from once optimistic to depression. I feel so insecure about life that things that I used to enjoy I find less in doing.
Once again pardon me for writing this here. Perhaps I need to see a psychologist
Jesus wept. "This world" you've spoken about 5% of the world. Half the world still shits in a hole in the ground and dies of like....measles or some shit before 5 and youre moaning that Tommy didn't get to finish his rally in Oldham? What is wrong with "LGBT" Obvs there are extremists there but fuck fellla - are you really more deeply bothered by this than babies dying in the gutter in China cos of one child policy?

Than child prostitution across Asia? Little boys and girls getting raped? Starvation of the world's most vulnerable because of the commodification of foodstuffs? Male suicide rates being fucking awful because of SO MANY REASONS. The PLANET IS DYING!!!

Take a long fucking look in the mirror. You have racist homophobic worries. Not worries for the world. If these are your actual existential problems;

Neck yourself.

edit - forgot to add misogynist/sexist cos of the #metoo thing. WOMEN ARE SECOND CLASS CITIZENS GLOBALLY LOOK BEYOND YOUR OWN FRONT YARD YOU SELF CENTRED CUNT.

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Okay I made my pithy shit-post response but now I'll get a little more serious:

Given all you've said I'd gather that nobody other than your close family would have an ounce of faith in you because you're a whiny, entitled little bitch. If you had any redeeming qualities you'd be able to recognize the redeeming qualities of others and have a little more faith in humanity's ability to find it's way.

As it stands you might want to just get hooked on meth, though.
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OP, I’m only going to say this once: Stop being a faggot, and enjoy life. What you see in the media is not a representation of reality, as there is a psychological phenomenon that affects how you perceive the world when you consume so much media (forgot what it’s called, though). No one is going to punch you in the face, or throw milkshake all over you. Stop reading the news a lot; read some fiction, learn a new skill, explore where you live. Just do something to distract yourself.