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Dec 28, 2014
There's no driveway. Why isn't there a driveway?
It has a driveway, it's just on the other side.
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Nov 8, 2017

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Feb 11, 2021


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Sep 27, 2021
Ralph and Dingo have their sordid history, constant breakups, and prior internet slap fights but over the past two weeks, things have gotten especially ugly between the two.

Now, the reason for the current beef between Dingo and Ralph started out when Ralph decided to help out a Black African Muslim who goes by the name of Gambian Groyper. The Gunt decided to give this black man money so the black man can purchase a router and better internet. Ralph gave more money to this black man than his own son and this very action made Southern Dingo, the turban White nationalist explode at Ralph.

Angry, Dingo fired up a stream and called Ethan Ralph a race traitor, going on hours and ranting about the fat short revenge pornographer alongside other guests in this show.

But even with Dingo’s anger at Ralph and Dingo’s own beef with PPP, the Rage Pig would eventually catch wind that Dingo sided with Ralph’s many enemies. Ralph would eventually issue a statement on Twitter declaring that he’ll make a show “going harder after Southern Dingo than PPP did”. Here’s the tweet:
This ominous threat by Ralph was further followed by a retweet by the rage pig directed against Dingo:
PPP chimed in and put his own two cents in, basically stating that he as right and Southern Dingo was wrong for being a Guntguard for so long and now an enemy of Ralph’s:
The beef between Ralph and Dingo has gone official, and it appears that the rage pig himself will likely do a show shitting on Southern Dingo.


Jan 29, 2021
Ralph has all the worst career-ending dirt on Dingo. Some very reputable guy told him a few years ago so it's irrefutable.

Ralph will squeal about Dingo's family, "you're wife's fat" etc, says the grotesquely fat man. "She's also a whore" he'll oink. It will soon come to light that Dingo is a "pussy" and a "faggot" and Ralph will definitely fight him.

It's all so predictable. I just keep watching Ralph because I'm sure he'll have an aneurysm live on stream.


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Nov 26, 2016
Well, Vickers is raising a bunch of White children, more than the collective of AF which is like 90% spik and 9.9% Black, and 200% incel.
Similar to Gator and Rand, I never found that much to dislike about Dingo. So what's there, he has a child and he makes toys out of wood for his child, a man with a trade, a handy man if you will. What has Ralph ever done for his kids?

I love how Ralph cannot help but getting felted by animals. There was Gator and Rand (an abo), now we have a dingo in the mix. So which animal is next? Maybe... maybe a catboy?