Louis "Lou" Gagliardi / Alex 'Ace' Maddox / Tegan Ainsley / Taryn Amita / Diana / goldenl1oness / Lynn Brooks / @acekatt - *buys 12 iPads* "Anyone got $600 they can spare?" *spits on cancer patient*

It's October 8th, 2020. Foot amputation when?

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(Credit to [USER=45399]@dotONION[/USER] and [USER=37282]@TANK JESUS[/USER] for the image)

(Credit to @dotONION and @TANK JESUS for the image)

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If there is anything a new associate or defender of Louis should read upon discovering this thread, please at least read the "Why Louis Is Universally Hated" section. Louis will and has tried to push that all the claims within this thread are false, and so an extensive effort has been made to give documented evidence backing up every piece of information. For those wanting the short explanation, do not ever trust your money with Louis; he is lying about needing it to survive and has spent enough money on porn and video games in six months to give him years' worth of food.


Louis Dominic Gagliardi III (yes, really) is an obese grifter and pathological liar who has managed to unite furries, lefties, righties, Kiwis, TERFs, fundies, and just about everyone else under the sun with one unifying trait: his hateful, obnoxious, selfish nature.

All credit goes to @Great Dane for the thread as a whole. Further thanks goes to @Dustlord for the initial post about Louis and @AirdropShitposts for Louis's dox.


Louis constantly changes his identity, thus his usernames do not fit into the thread's title nor even Kiwifarm's character limit for posts. Therefor, a focused effort will be made to always have his active Twitter account's username in the title.


After first being discovered by Kiwifarms mostly by his own volition, multiple individuals and reports have surfaced which showed his spiteful nature, revealing Louis as a liar, a grifter, a scam artist, but worst of all, an immoral and selfish person who only sees other individuals as tools to use and cast aside once they no longer serve a purpose. What follows is a summary not only of Louis himself, but of his actions before and after the creation of the thread which justify how he is overwhelmingly disliked by any and all communities he partakes in.

kiwi 1.png

To get the basics out of the way, Louis is a (questionably) trans furry nearing his 40's who lives with his mother, step father, nephew, and occasionally his brother. More importantly, the first thing anyone needs to know about Louis is how prone he is to the cyclic behavior of begging every single day, getting into any slapfight which doesn't involve him, and then deleting his account. This also demonstrates the importance of archiving everything Louis says of note.

Louis himself was first discovered by user @Excellent at Mediocrity twice in the Personal Lolcows thread. Not long after, Louis was first brought to Kiwifarms' attention proper via a little post by the user @Dustlord, followed by Louis doxing himself, with user @AirdropShitposts serving as a mere messenger of the information Louis offered up on his own.


As per standard Kiwifarms fashion, since Kiwifarms users lack object permanence, Louis was forgotten to have ever existed once he fell out of their collective memory, but Louis decided to incur more attention unto himself by explicitly mentioning Kiwifarms and quickly interacting directly with the forum, beginning what appears to be an endless cycle for Louis: beg, spend the money he got from begging on video games or porn of his fursona (including literal dozens of reference sheets of the same exact character), get called out by some random group (be it his observers or actual acquaintances), blame Kiwifarms, delete his account, and reappear within 12 hours while occasionally changing his username as an attempt to distance himself from his reputation. Interspersed regularly within this cycle is Louis flip-flopping how he presents himself throughout all this. As demonstrated below, he will often switch between acting brave and bold or even claiming to enjoy any negative attention he receives to instead behaving as if he is helpless, scared, and victimized for experiencing the consequences of his own actions.

1581973336061.png 1581972931833.png 1581972893865.png 1581973645468.png

Louis still refused to learn well after his thread was posted, directly contacting Kiwifarms' admin with a request to take down the thread while incomprehensibly citing unrelated terms and conditions from a service the forum doesn't even use.


Since then, Louis has been archived repeating this cycle multiple and countless times, and will presumably do so indefinitely, as he has indignantly refused to learn from his mistakes for literal decades.


A more sympathetic reader may take the above and see Louis as misguided and naive, but innocent and helpless. However, Louis has proven the direct opposite in multiple ways. Given the extensive length of how Louis's immorality has been documented, a brief summary shall hopefully suffice for a new or skeptical reader.

Do not give Louis your money. Louis is a hateful, immoral liar and any perception to the contrary is irrefutably wrong. He does not know how to spend or save money, let alone the value of it. He is known to scam individuals, commit fraud, and lie about where his money is going and where it went. He will regularly threaten suicide, and he is well aware that doing so will convince people to do what he wants. He does not need money, as his parents regularly support him and he often makes expensive and frivolous purchases. He is not starving, as he currently wears around 6XL shirts from overeating, and has been caught drinking excessive amounts of soda while literally refusing to drink water instead. But, most importantly of all, Louis is violent, hateful, selfish, and cruel.

The extent of how Louis has demonstrated the aforementioned is so thorough and plentiful that it can be broken down into lengthy sections thereof.



To begin, Louis's begging should never be taken at face value. He has lied about where his money goes, and acts indignant when people catch him lying, countering by insisting their money is now his, and therefor donators have no say in where it should go. He has lied about how much money he needs and what it's needed for. The most dramatic instance of his tendency to lie is a cataclysmic encounter where he went from claiming to be starving due to having no money to gleefully splurging $240 on art of Wonder Woman, which led to him getting the boot from yet another community; kicking and screaming while he was given every chance possible and preferential treatment.

Another common trend in Louis's begging is that he claims he is on the verge of starving. If his obesity isn't proof enough, Louis does not need food as his parents regularly support him. Often times when he complains that his family dared to get food without him, it is predictably because Louis is a picky eater and an obnoxious person, and so his family ignores him once he gets in an irritable mood. As one would expect in order to maintain his figure, Louis eats meals big enough to feed a large family for each dinner and drinks soda like it was water, having lost his front teeth from how much sugar water he ingests.

If it isn't clear enough already, Louis does not need any money whatsoever. As a matter of fact, Louis's excessive spending is perhaps his more infamous trait, as he currently is known to have recently bid nearly $240 on an art pin-up as mentioned earlier, purchased airpods, a Mac computer with a wireless mouse and two speakers, an expensive touchscreen pen, an expensive gaming laptop, two iPads, an iPhone, an additional phone, Alexa, and a Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Switch game console which he has gleefully made recent game purchases/pre-orders for all three, some even being the same game purchased twice, with nearly half a thousand dollars worth of purchases for his Switch alone. When he isn't buying needless electronics, he has a long and consistent history of needlessly buying pornographic art of his ever-changing fursona, and he has spent his money on porn commissions of his fursona (and happily offered to pay for ones made by trolls to mock him) which has totaled to nearly $2,000 within a few months alone (and that's just on pieces where the price can be irrefutably confirmed), needlessly donated to furries on Patreon, or splurged it all going to furry conventions and buying pointless trinkets and memorabilia there.

Furthermore, Louis does not have any struggle to find a job, he simply chooses not to. He is not being discriminated against, as he lives just outside of Pittsburgh, the 19th most liberal city in his country. He is surrounded by literal thousands of entry-level job opportunities within no more than a one hour commute from his residence. Louis has no shame in pointing fingers every which way but inward when he is asked why he's too lazy to find a job, as demonstrated here and below where he insults and belittles a female doctor in India while insisting Louis himself is the more oppressed.


Louis isn't in a rush to find a job either as his mother is content to allow Louis to squat at her house while he offers less than nothing in return, as he regularly pumps out lies regarding his family to make himself seem more sympathetic, if not to make his ancestry seem more interesting or "oppressed" than it actually is assuming he's not just saying that they're outright dead.


Most obviously, when Louis says he needs money, he is lying. He frequently makes purchases after a grift and claim they are gifts, as the list above shows. If all else fails, he will try outright scams, such as below, where he claims to need money for a broken pair of glasses he had not been seen wearing before, either lying because he's never been seen using the broken glasses before, or lying by omission by wittingly leaving out that he has a backup pair. The art pin-up of Wonder Woman which led to his exile from yet another furry community serves as an additional example of his scams. Before purchasing the pin-up by bidding an excessive amount of money totaling at $240, Louis claimed to have lost a pen for his touchscreen and said he needed nearly $150, yet mysteriously and unceremoniously "found" the pen in his small little room after purchasing the pin-up, heavily implying he spent the money he received for the "lost" pen on the art auction instead.




Beyond grifting, Louis is prone to suicide threats, and is well aware that these statements are taken seriously by others, as he regularly will use them to manipulate people. As expected, his threats to kill himself are empty, and threatening suicide is his default approach to any situation where he doesn't get what he wants, and he immediately ceases these supposed suicidal tendencies when he realizes it won't work each and every time it fails.

Most telling is his reaction to his threats being treated with genuine concern. When his post saying he was going to kill himself was reported to Twitter and he was sent a form letter for how to cope with suicidal tendencies, Louis could only angrily post about it in a rage, demanding the person who did so out themselves in order for him to block them.



As one would be led to believe according to the demonstrable way he abuses others, Louis knows what he's doing is wrong and has made posts reveling in his malicious nature. However, lies and emotional manipulation are just the tip of the iceberg for the sheer level of moral bankruptcy Louis holds. As a non-exhaustive list, Louis has assaulted strangers in public, decided to dox people for disagreeing with him, sent violent threats directly to those who unwittingly exposed his lies through trying to help him, admitted to wanting his 5-year-old nephew to use furry porn characters as role models, has faked his own harassment, had engaged with users in this very thread for pity, had wished death on someone being polite to him because they were religious, defended his misogynistic comments calling women "sluts," "whores," "bitches," and "cunts," used a woman's dead father to insult her, celebrated the death of a woman he disliked, insulted people for objecting to him taking money donated for his bills (which were already fulfilled) and spending it on take-out, games, and porn, has created an account on possibly the most reprehensible website known to the internet and posted at the insane rate of a post every five minutes, and is known to use his donated money to commit fraud, meaning he effectively used a donator's money to fund a theft. As the most bizarre yet fitting cherry on top, Louis simply cannot handle not getting his way or dissent, as exemplified by him getting angry and blocking a person because they disagreed with Louis's preference for pizza of all things.


Louis isn't just malicious by nature. Rather, he goes out of his way to be malicious. A regular trend for Louis is to find and pick fights at complete random, unprovoked. For instance, Louis has been caught insulting a cancer patient and mocking their recovery after butting into their conversation, insulting a random teenager for no perceptible reason before embarrassingly losing the ensuing argument against a person half his age, supported a homophobic comment against a user because he didn't like them, claimed it's acceptable to misgender a user he doesn't like despite regularly complaining about being misgendered, and was racist towards a Pakistani woman, making the nonsensical point that racism is acceptable as people can pretend to be any nationality online, which is ironic in of itself as Louis both complains about racism and has pretended to be multiple nationalities that has been proven he isn't.

If, somehow, people overlook all of this and try to "befriend" Louis for some unfathomable reason, he will only speak to them if he has something to gain from it. For instance, Louis has called his followers to specifically target and harass people despite claiming to be a victim of the very thing he just tried spurring others into doing, and all because the targets of his ire did nothing more than give him advice. Louis's calls to action in order to sic his followers on people appear to be the only meaningful interaction he has been observed having with them, beyond simplistic smalltalk or minimalistic replies to their questions.

On the other end, people only "befriend" Louis due to ignorance or sanctimony, as Louis may genuinely appear helpless to the uninitiated. Not to insult his supporters, but their woeful naiveté has consistently led to their rapidly draining patience and sanity. Furthermore, as Louis's true nature reveals itself, he finds that he has created more enemies as, either willfully or though a lacking capacity to do so, he cannot empathize with others. If a person is in poor economic status like Louis pretends to be, he will either tell them to shut up or call them liars. If a person is worse off than Louis, either by being substantially more penniless or physically handicapped, Louis will mirthfully mock them for their misfortune if he doesn't just try to trick them into giving him their money anyway. Most ridiculous of all, Louis's attempts to use others knows no limits, as he has been caught trying to grift and panhandle off of major politicians and national celebrities.


This all goes to show Louis doesn't want friends, he wants money and servants. Even his most loyal and stalwart defenders are not immune to his scorn should they so much as give gentle advice, as shown above. Multiple individuals have made the mistake of thinking they can emotionally support Louis, and in return, he has transformed what others would see friendly acquaintances into mortal enemies. Take the below, for example.


Reading Louis's response alone, one would be led to believe that the person he is responding to was mocking him, patronizing his economic status like how a high-class snob looks down on gutter trash. To the contrary, the person Louis is responding to was being very gentle, expressed their desire to assist Louis but could not due to their own money troubles, and instead offered support and advice which helped themselves get through tough times instead. But as far as Louis could see, all they were doing is not giving him money and so they are nothing more than scum in his eyes. Thus, in response, Louis insults them, says he wants to harm them, and promptly discards their advice. The same goes for this other instance.


The only explanation justifying this behavior is that the person Louis is responding to has repeatedly stalked and harassed Louis despite their offer being refused. But, in reality, this is the first time the user approached Louis after making an offhand comment about buying his character as politely and friendly as possible, and for double the price Louis paid for his pointless commission that he will invariably discard mere weeks later. Yet Louis insults and berates them while threatening to contact the police he wanted to abolish not weeks earlier.

This all goes to show there is no way to "befriend" Louis, regardless of how kind or delicate the individual. As long as a person has nothing to give him, he looks upon them with absolute disdain and hatred. All in all, Louis lives in a world of his own creation. All the misery he "suffers" is by his choice or actions, with all of his misfortunes caused by his self-perpetuated cycle. But, most importantly of all, Louis sees all his problems stemming from everyone but himself, and has remained unchanged in every single regard for literal decades, sans his rapidly deteriorating health. As such, Louis will predictably keep his oh-so-despised Kiwifarms thread alive and flourishing far into the foreseeable future.


Click here.


Louis "Lou" Gagliardi
DOB: October 16, 1983
125 S Hamilton Ave, Greensburg, PA
Phone: 1-724-989-5637
Personal email: loug28@gmail.com




God help you if you want his active Twitter.
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That's enough for today
I am so mad at myself for not archiving shit when I first discovered this asshat on their pghfur Twitter account. Especially watching them shit on some con they supposedly paid to attend, then spent that entire weekend hiding in their hotel room while whining that no one was hunting him down to make him feel special!

EDIT: Here's when I first mentioned his sorry begging that I was sick of seeing.


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Nice job OP.

Louis has been bragging that we didn’t have the right Lou Gagliardi because the screenshot got his middle initial wrong. His “I don’t know who to trust” freak out was in response to his full name, Louis Dominic Gagliardi III, being posted. He seriously thought he was safe because of that middle initial even though the dox had everything else correct.

Also his dad is dead. And here’s his old blog.

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02/18: When called out for lying about where his money is going, Louis states that "once people donate, [their money] is not their business." He also reveals to be in direct contact with Matt Myers, a fellow pathetic loser furry lolcow pathetic loser.

02/19: Right at the 24 hour mark, Louis catches wind of the thread. He predictably uses this as an opportunity to beg.

02/19: Panicking intensifies. Louis also states that he believes changing his fursona to a fox will help obscure his identity from Kiwifarms.

02/20: Louis has sent Null a complaint directly. He was kind enough to use what is almost certainly his personal email to do so.

02/20: Louis's mother appears in the comments for a news article discussing how she stole homeless children's toys (yes, really). Amusingly, her conduct online is identical to her son, including getting notably angry, insisting they're the victim, and inadvertently revealing even more information about themselves.

02/20: Louis's phone number and address was confirmed via a website he used to host an "18+ only" My Little Pony podcast.

02/20: Louis posts claiming to need $500 for a furry convention despite saying he needed $200 out of a combined $1000 total donation for it (even though it's just a weekend trip to the convention), showing he was either lying about needing $200 (and was going to take more than he claimed he needed), lying about needing $500 (in order to receive more donations than he originally needed), or lying about both (inflating the money he needed arbitrarily). Keep in mind that he's allegedly taking from the same pool of money he needs for food.

02/26: Louis announces he preordered a Nintendo Switch game, revealing he both is still purchasing new releases and owns the most recent video game hardware. Upon receiving criticism, he deleted his Twitter posts before instantly going back to begging, suicide baiting, and saying he can't afford anything.

02/27: After revealing he owns a Nintendo Switch, Louis reveals he also owns a Sony Playstation 4 apropos of nothing, further demonstrating that he blatantly lies about his money troubles.

02/27: Louis calls out a politician as a liar. The irony is palpable.

02/28: Louis needs nearly $500 for an iPad, apparently. According to him, he only used it for playing music, but realizing that this excuse is stupid, he says he needs it for "writing and coloring on the go," despite never leaving his house. He of course blames his family because his mother made him give it to his hospitalized brother. In an attempt to garner pity, he claims to have fallen out of his chair.

02/28: His ego knowing no bounds, Louis sends his Paypal link to Ted Cruz literally begging for pizza money.

02/28: Doubling down, Louis has now increased his begging amount to $2,000 from $1,000 because his brother borrowed his iPad.

03/01: Showing off his artistic ability, Louis demonstrates his newest career choice: using the paint bucket tool on pre-drawn art to fill in the lines with flat colors. He claims to need a $500+ iPad to do this.

03/05: Louis proves himself a liar by inadvertently providing evidence that he still has his iPad. He then confirms he owned an Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, and is excited for new game releases he shouldn't be buying. He also states to have spent over $20 on a personal dinner, despite allegedly being strapped for cash. He also flip-flopped from hating his family to wanting to buy them gifts due him seeing the latter as more expedient towards begging. To finish, he has alienated even more of his followers by snapping at them for voting differently than he does. Naturally, he claims to be the victim.

03/09: Louis has a cataclysmically fierce argument with a fat, furry "sex worker" for some reason. He quickly threatens to sue them.

03/10: Louis tries to deny having a CuriousCat despite owning three, and then complains that people aren't being fooled by his lies anymore, opting to justify why he lies instead. He also was banned from another furry Twitter-like for his argument with a fat, furry "sex worker," claiming the ban was "without a reason," and threatens to starve himself to death as a suicide attempt if he doesn't get money. Afterwards, he reveals what his standard dinner consists of: sixteen boneless wings, two liters of soda, and a Pizza Hut pizza delivered to him, totaling possibly around $35 for a single dinner by himself. He justifies this by saying he lives one mile from a grocery store (asserting that this is a distance too far to walk). He then brags that he's buying Doom Eternal (an upcoming release) as a counter to people accusing him of wasting money on video games; Louis's reasoning for this is unclear.

03/11: Louis gets in yet another argument with some other stupid furry. He proceeds to mock them for being poor, calls them a liar for citing information Louis himself shared, and threatened suicide when they argued back.

03/12: Louis reveals another one of his small meals: four entire sloppy joe sandwiches; he also accidentally reveals that he owns an expensive gaming laptop, which also demonstrates that he especially doesn't need the iPad he's been begging for in order to work portably.

03/13: Without a hint of irony, Louis complains that a person he supposedly gave money to isn't doing what he wants with it and chose to block Louis, despite Louis himself bragging he has done the same thing to other people earlier. He then claims to need $500 for a new pair of socks.

03/16: Louis tries to sell one of his two iPads by lying about the price he bought it for in order to break even on the resell (marking up the price by $100 and selling it for the price he actually bought it for).

03/18: Louis complains about Kiwifarms keeping track of his frivolous purchases, and tries to lie saying that every single video game console he owns and his iPad were inexplicable gifts.

03/20: Showing how frugal he is with his money, Louis brags that he purchased yet another identical reference sheet for the exact same character he's been using for his fursona along with yet another day 1 full-price game release. The minimum total for purchasing both is $100 when he supposedly only had around $20 to his name in his Paypal. He went on to also purchase a $250 phone and trick a disabled artist who draws with their mouth to donate $20 to Louis out of pity.

03/21: With zero self-awareness, Louis goes from bragging about buying a $10 CD and offering to purchase it for anybody who messages him to immediately begging for food money, worried he may starve if he does not get the money.

03/24: An insider shares that Louis often buys electronics to attempt to scam companies out of more money, a method of fraud he learned from his mother. They also further reveal that Louis begs so much due to a formative experience where he received a large quantity of donations totaling over $1,000 which he had spent in a week afterwards, explaining his begging habits.

03/27: Louis's paperwork proving he has assaulted people arose along with photo evidence that he dislikes the very nephew he's used to beg for money. In the meantime, Louis loses an argument to a 15-year-old, tries to use literal dreams to beg for money, and asks American celebrity Taylor Swift for a donation.

03/29: Louis protects his Twitter and a Kiwifarms user manages to predict the exact moment he unprotected it.

03/30: The true hardship of the length Louis must travel for sustenance is revealed: 160 feet from his house. He also reveals that he's still ordering from a food delivery service despite saying he never will ever again just a day before, and shares that somebody was actually dumb enough to put Louis on their mobile phone plan.

03/31: To disprove he has a gaming laptop despite photo evidence proving he does, Louis shares that he has relatively decent specs on his computer which are able to run PC games fairly well. He also backtracks on a lie and says one of his video game consoles was bought using his own money rather than a gift.

04/01: Louis assumes a person is a troll because they give him honest money advice. He proceeds to complain that people are calling him a scam artist for some reason, then has yet another identity crisis and believes the problem is his fursona. Again.

04/01: Louis's web history is discovered, revealing his gradual progression into being a pathetic leech. He then yells at a person for trying to help him (with the other individual not even trying to offer advice, just trying to give him words of encouragement).

04/03: Louis scams people out of money by saying he needs to pay his water bill. Beforehand, he had gotten angry at people repeatedly informing him that he didn't need to due to a quarantine, proving that he knew the payment wasn't needed. He then claims that he paid the bill despite the company saying it wasn't necessary, and Louis "mysteriously" announces he's decided to spend allegedly unrelated money on video games, take-out, and furry porn commissions.

04/06: Louis tries his hand at scamming food delivery services using the same methods he scams electronics companies. He then gets angry at a user for saying "Jesus loves you," climaxing with Louis saying the world would be better off if said user and religious people like him were dead.

04/08: In response to his favorite presidential candidate dropping out, Louis promises to delete everything. He was immediately on Twitter with his "deleted" account complaining afterwards. He also reveals he pays money to furry Patreon users for no reason.

04/11: Louis denies having a criminal record to prove an asinine point. He then interrupts a conversation to complain about Christianity. Again.

04/12: Happy Easter! Louis posts a video of his mother complaining he doesn't help her. Louis takes the opportunity to share his room along with his excessive spending habits, and throws out a couple of obvious lies along the way.

04/13: Louis tries scamming three different companies again, unaware that his constant complaining makes it all the more clearer that he's trying to cheat them out of money. He gets angry at this mother suggesting he may be diabetic soon after. When a poster gently suggests Louis should consider checking if he has diabetes, Louis gets angry and demands people report the poster for harassment.

04/14: Louis muses on paying $5 for pregnancy fetish porn of his fursona.

04/15: Louis confirms he's using the Chromebook he supposedly bought for his nephew by complaining about the Chromebook's operating system not letting him use Discord properly. He then fakes his own harassment, posting an email he sent to himself within literal seconds of him receiving it on his main account.

04/16: A troll shades one of Louis's wastes of money and overlays it with text insulting him. Louis, clueless and shameless, offers to pay money for the work without the text.

04/20: Louis, on a topic regarding comics, talks down to an artist who has been working on major comics for decades. When the artist points out that Louis doesn't know what he's talking about in comparison to somebody who's been in the industry for ages, Louis continues to act superior, believing he still better understands the artist's profession than the artist himself.

04/22: Louis tries scamming another company while showing off even more soda he shouldn't have bought. He then states that watching furries streaming video games is the only thing keeping him alive.

04/23: Louis tries to lie about his glasses being broken in another scam attempt by showing a pair of glasses which both were clearly broken intentionally and which were different than the glasses he's taken pictures of himself wearing.

04/26: Louis confirms he still reads the thread by talking about Instacart, a service he was unaware of until just hours after somebody brought it up. He then complains about Kiwifarms keeping track of his lies and acts racist towards a Pakistani girl he doesn't know. He attempts to justify his racism by claiming that any person could be any identity online, so his racism against a specific ethnicity doesn't count. He follows this up by claiming that anybody who disagrees with him is a paid Kiwifarms troll.

04/27: Louis sends more fake emails to himself, once again posting the screenshot of the email within literal seconds of sending it to himself.

04/28: Louis's toenail has fallen off after allegedly turning green. He denies this being related to diabetes, believing it's simply from walking too much. He instead uses it as an excuse to get money for yet another reference sheet of his fursona instead of seeing a doctor. Later on, he posts a picture of his nail-less toe with an open, festering wound and gets furious when people suggest he get help immediately. In related news, Louis doubles down on his "broken glasses" lie. In unrelated news, Anthrocon is cancelled. Predictably, Louis uses this to beg since he's yet to get the money he put aside for Anthrocon back, even though he alleged to responsibly use money he didn't need towards buying a ticket for it before.

04/29: Immediately after saying he's leaving Twitter forever, Louis comes back asking to buy yet another laptop.

05/01: Louis complains about having to play a used copy of a AAA major game release he shouldn't own (being Fallout 76, a game infamous for being a drain on the player's real wallets through microtransactions).

05/02: A list of Louis's Switch games leaks.

05/08: Louis comes up with a new excuse for not getting a job: he doesn't want to use the bus.

05/12: Louis buys the special edition of Final Fantasy 14 and says he wants his 5-year-old nephew to use a furry porn character as a role model.

05/13: After doing damage control for hiring an artist who draws cub porn, Louis has an absolute meltdown because somebody showed him his own Kiwifarms thread which Louis already knew existed.

05/14: Louis flips out and attacks a random user because he misread their "cycling oxygen levels" as them literally "cycling" on a bicycle.

05/15: Louis responds directly users in his thread.

05/16: A long and well-documented history of Louis's habit of spending endless amounts of cash on porn is posted, including some of Louis's fetishes.

05/20: Louis gets banned from Twitter and uses this as a chance to beg.

05/24: Louis responds to his thread again for some reason.

05/28: After bothering comedian Graham Linehan for a while, Louis gets noticed and mocked by him. Louis then claims to have reported his mother to child protective services because she spanked his nephew as a punishment.

06/02: Louis decides to buy a game he already owns for another console and bids $240 on a Wonder Woman comic.

06/05: Despite claiming to partake in the 2020 protests, evidence shows Louis spent his time during the protests to complain about Kiwifarms unprovoked.

06/07: Louis thirstposts about horse penis.

06/10: Somebody flags Louis's latest suicide bait, and he gets angry when Twitter sends him a form letter regarding his suicidal thoughts. After threatening to block this person, Louis complains that other people are blocking him.

06/11: Happy 100 pages! Louis celebrates as well by making the quintessential Louis-post before losing a friend because he couldn't help but insult them for being from the south. Louis goes on to delete his Twitter account again because a person made a single post suggesting he should save money rather than spend it on more art. Louis concludes this person is a Kiwifarms user. He comes back instantly and pulls the "rape" card for pity. Despite claiming to only use his account for "transequality" issues from then on, he immediately goes back to begging for money. Somebody falls for it and Louis promptly goes and spends the money on yet another trinket.

06/12: Louis tries to rebrand as a news source.

06/13: Louis's account gets banned for presumably scamming. When he returns, he threatens to delete his account again again (again).

06/14: Another person from Louis's circle shares how much Louis has been outed for being a scammer in the communities he partakes in.

06/15: Louis finally says "sorry," but for something he doesn't need to apologize for in order to seem more pathetic to gain pity.

06/15: Louis blocks a person because they calmly stated they did not agree with his opinion about pizza.

06/16: Kindly being considerate of his observers, Louis decides to archive his own meltdown for Kiwifarms before nuking his account after a catastrophic meltdown.

More updates here!
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Supporting Trump is worse than supporting ISIS according to Diana

Blaming being broke on capitalism

I don't think this was in the OP, but still gross.

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06/17: Louis rebrands and is found instantly. He proceeds to back up a homophobic insult against a user he doesn't even know for no reason.

06/19: Some mathematics proves Louis has been posting, liking, or sharing on Twitter at a rate of one interaction every five minutes, assuming he doesn't take breaks. In the meantime, Louis starts butting into conversations just to insult people and leave. Again.

06/20: Louis mysteriously finds the expensive touchscreen pen he lost and conveniently demanded the same amount of cash he spent on the art auction for. Evidence also debunks a lie regarding his family's military history which Louis was bragging over. He then insults another random user again again again.

06/21: Louis gets mad at a politician for drinking water.

06/22: Louis insults a random cancer patient for no reason.

06/23: Louis insults a random teenager for no reason, loses the ensuing argument, and promptly deletes their posts out of shame. This argument then devolves into a full on slap-fight involving known lunatic Ichigo Tomato, where Louis claims it's fine to misgender a person if you're angry at them.

06/29: Louis celebrates the death of a woman because he disagreed with her. Afterwards, he insults a female doctor in India and tries to say he is more oppressed than her by claiming America is a third world country.

06/30: Louis sends fake emails to himself again and, once more, fails to notice he's screencapping the emails the moment he receives them, effectively providing the evidence proving his harassment is self-sent.

07/01: Louis doxes himself complaining about being signed up for a Christian newsletter and finds out that trolls have been deleting items on his Amazon wishlist. Unaware of how it works, he assumes that the trolls have been actually paying for the orders.

07/03: Louis purchases an Xbox 1 and pretends somebody got it for him from his Amazon wishlist, which both had been deleted by trolls and didn't have an Xbox 1 on it anyway.

07/06: Louis sets his avatar to "fan art" made by trolls to mock him, apparently unaware that the stripes on the character directly insult him.

07/08: Louis joins Kiwifarms and every user vows to never bother him again forever and ever.

07/13: Louis claims to need $50 to buy lettuce and tomatoes. He also starts yelling at teenagers unprovoked again and buys yet another useless and expensive toy for no reason.

07/14: Louis insults another user and asks why they are upset when people share what they say on a public platform.

07/21: After being called out for the admin that banned him from Discord for scamming and attacking other users, Louis threatens to sue for libel despite their claims being backed up by concrete evidence.

07/22: A focused effort from users reveals that Louis indeed uses GrubHub nearly every day and has spent almost $2,000 on (confirmable) art commissions alone since the creation of this thread.

07/24: Louis posts a gross image of himself.

07/26: Before using the fact that his power went out to grift, Louis reveals that the power actually went back on three minutes before he tried to grift for it, providing the evidence he was lying himself.

08/01: Louis gets the furry who banned him from his favorite Discord channel to respond directly.

08/02: After confirming he doesn't pay rent, Louis calls a person a leech before lying, claiming he owns his own house.

08/09: Louis makes a fake account of a furry he hates and pretends it isn't him.

08/11: After an embarrassing foray into political arguments on Reddit, Louis deletes his Reddit account after only three days.

08/15: Louis lies about a computer being too old when he has one from 2018 and tries to sell all his needlessly bought electronics for the price he bought them for, confirming the sheer cost and number of the expensive gadgets he has laying around for nothing.

08/16: Louis spurs infighting between his defenders and everyone he's scammed. In the meantime, he accidentally shares that he owns airpods.

08/18: When approached by a jovial user, Louis flips out, insults him for nothing, threatens to call the police he wanted to abolish, then posts the exchange on Twitter thinking it makes him look good.

08/20: After his $600 computer arrives, Louis begs for money, but not before he literally gives his money away to someone else.

08/23: Despite his claims to the contrary, more evidence surfaces demonstrating without a doubt that Louis is not Jewish. Afterwards, Louis threatens somebody he disagrees with using their dox over a petty argument and then lies about both their parents being dead for pity.

08/25: Because he doesn't like a woman despite not knowing nor having met her, Louis calls her a "slut."

08/26: Doubling down, Louis calls the same woman he insulted the day before a "whore" when reprimanded for his comments, calls the woman who reprimanded him a "bitch," then chose to call a deceased woman he also dislikes a "dead cunt."

08/28: A master of commerce, Louis tries to sell an old iPad for more than the newest model is worth.

09/04: Because his birthday comes chronologically first, Louis complains that people care more about Halloween.

09/07: After calling somebody an "ableist," Louis immediately calls somebody a "retard," and defends the comment by explaining he isn't offended when he himself says it.

09/08: Evidence suggests that Louis is intentionally picking at a wound on his foot for pity. In the meantime, Louis makes a nonsensical sob story about how he was victimized during the 9/11 attacks because he saw a plane that day, then threatens to block somebody because he doesn't recognize them before accusing another person of fishing for pity.

09/13: For the sake of insulting an entire university team for no reason, Louis claims to have been accepted into two universities and also states he set fire to one of the acceptance letters.

09/14: Pushing even more lies, Louis claims to have spent his childhood in foster care despite currently living with his mother.

09/18: Louis claims his mother called the police because he threw a box, which is a lie as he earlier stated she called the police because he broke her finger. He then buys another full price video game on the day of its release and claims an unnamed and unknown individual bought it for him.

09/19: Despite his stepfather allegedly being hospitalized, Louis's biggest concern is getting money for McDonalds and pregnancy porn of his fursona.

09/20: After buying a $600 computer exactly a month ago, Louis muses on selling it for a model of laptop he's given away before because it's getting a little too warm in his room.

09/22: Compassionate as always, Louis mocks a woman because her father is dead.

09/25: Louis accidentally leaks his secretive birthday wishlist. Not a single item is below $10 and they're all pointless furry trinkets, toys, and electronics.

09/29: After begging for $50 to purchase an unspecified item, Louis mysteriously gains a recently released video game which costs $50. It also has been reviewed extremely poorly, pointing that he bought it on impulse.

09/30: Wondering why his family won't spend hundreds of dollars on birthday presents for him, Louis brags he refuses to pay any more than $10 for squatting at his mother's place, complaining that they don't ask for more money from his brother who pays the whole family through child support despite not living there.

10/03: Once he was done whining that Twitter banned him for celebrating the president's apparent demise, Louis claims he will no longer support a game developer because he apparently got lost in a tutorial level.

10/04: When somebody tries to comfort Louis for apparently being upset, he promptly tells them to shut up.

10/05: Somebody shows Louis's own tweets to catch him in a lie. Louis then denies the screenshot being real and deletes the original tweet. When shown the archive of said tweet, Louis nonsensically claims the archive is also fake. Conceding defeat, Louis locks down his account while blaming the person he was antagonizing. An explosive manic phase ensues.

10/07: Louis threatens to sue the admin who kicked him out of a Discord. A meltdown ensues, culminating in Louis shoving a finger into his foot wound.

10/12: Simultaneously, Louis shows how much money he's spent on video games for just one console and demonstrates he has no concept of money by selling his old Xbox for more than the price of the newest version.

10/18: Lasting only two months, Louis sells his $600 premade PC and lies to inflate the price by saying he paid $700 for it.

10/27: Ignoring their pleas for help, Louis instead insults another random woman because she made the offhand comment to "send prayers," deletes their posts out of shame when he was told off, then tried to come back by acting proud about his needless hostility.

11/04: Once again, Louis decides to mock a women suffering from a severe medical condition, this time insulting her and attacking the fact she had a damage eye removed.

11/05: Residents in Louis's area have starting sending links to his Kiwifarms thread on local news articles whenever he tries to argue with them. In a fit of rage, Louis tries to mock a person for not having a job.

11/06: Louis manages to anger what appears to be the entirety of Ireland.

11/08: Immediately after announcing it, in the very same post, Louis shares he will be using the death of a "family friend" to grift.

11/18: Not even minutes apart, Louis expresses interest in a $20 book and immediately begs for $20, claiming it is for "bus fair."

11/23: Showing he's just stopped trying anymore, Louis turns down an offer to be sent food after claiming to need money for food a sentence earlier. He also promises not to waste money on useless purchases until Christmas.

11/24: Louis has already broken his promise.

12/03: A list of the expensive tablets Louis has burnt through in only a year is created. Not a day later, Louis sells his current tablet and announces his plan to buy yet another before pushing the claim he needs people to donate nearly half a thousand dollars because he doesn't have bread.

12/06: Louis magically finds the $600 tablet he's been begging for without a single person taking credit for the "gift" and proceeds to make absolute trash with it.

12/07: Furiously, Louis explains how when his grift money physically exists, he can no longer use it. It makes as much sense as it sounds.

12/10: After calling somebody a pedophile, Louis claims his ancestor died during the Holocaust when, in reality, she was just hit by a train because she decided to walk directly on the tracks.

12/12: Louis gets sent to the hospital regarding his foot and states Kiwifarms was right.

12/13: He finally catches the beetus.

12/20: Immediately after getting his $600 tablet, Louis begins begging for another tablet worth $500, totaling $1,000 in electronics within the span of a month.

12/22: Louis mocks a woman because it was claimed she's suicidal.

12/27: After claiming to being depressed because his favorite NFL team lost (and using it to grift), Louis bemoans a police officer survived being shot and calls somebody a "transtrender" without a hint of irony before telling them to kill themselves. He then apologizes but only for insulting religion, and begs for money in the same breath.

12/30: For some reason, Louis posts a gross selfie to win an argument somehow.

01/04: After begging the IRS for money on Twitter, using him not registering for disability as a bargaining chip, Louis tells a woman who says she's donating money to a charity to instead give him money so he can buy electronics.

01/06: Louis goes through the entire cycle of grief beat-for-beat over a stimulus check for $600 because he wants his tenth iPad within the last year.

01/08: For pity, Louis posts his gross wound vac.

01/17: Louis makes it on to a Twitter account meant to mock horrible posts by furries and absolute chaos follows.

01/20: One of Louis's "friends," Rabbie, gets caught in the crossfire. Then, within mere hours of apologizing for being "toxic," Louis immediately goes back to arguing and insulting people and proceeds to abandon one of his more loyal defenders.

01/21: After buying more furry art for $25, Louis begs for money because he can't pay an $18 hospital bill. He also fully doxes himself yet again by showing the hospital bill itself.

01/23: Upset people aren't forgiving him instantly, Louis blames and Kiwifarms and continues to insist the things people who are angry with him over are lies. He then lists he plans to grift for $500 monthly and sees it as showing responsibility.

01/25: Louis decides it's time for round 2 against the entirety of Ireland.
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Dork Of Ages

I give him a head-bop!
Lmao, how the fuck did this fat fuck manage to spend 36 years of his life without even a fast food job to save up to leave his house for even a year? Even Chris held a fucking job once, and he was and is in a worse state now than he probably is.

Oh right, "Diana" is a tranny who wears 5x to 6xl shirt sizes. Obviously no one wants to hire him because they can't see him as a woman, not because he would probably have a heart attack doing a half mile jog, let alone doing 9-to-5. Fucking capitalism.

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