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Louis is having a furry identity crisis! What should his new fursona be?

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You gotta start somewhere, like getting a job and saving up towards your goals. It just disgusts me so much that he expects someone to just set him up with a job and "enough money to replace everything he'll lose by leaving," whatever the fuck that means. What the fuck would he possibly lose? He can bring all his toys with him. Unless he just thinks he can leave it all behind and rebuy it because he's a stupid fuck that's addicted to spending other people's money.

He could improve his life. Many of us struggled through, worked hard at minimum wage jobs with our bodies hurting, but got through it though hard work and smart saving and moving up in the world by not being a fat blob beggar. He could, but he never well. And guns are also expensive, so don't count on that either, you fat fuck.


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And guns are also expensive, so don't count on that either, you fat fuck.
He could get a Hi-Point for $219 and a 20 round box of .45 ACP +P JHP for $32.58 from Buffalo Bore. I'd say that's pretty cheap at $251.58, and he's definitely going to need 20 rounds to pierce his own hideous hide or thick skull.

He could also eat the gun, Hi-Points are chunky.

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Nice, she died of brain cancer iirc. People don't like her cause she was like YouTube TERF supreme.

Also, whilst many of us in Britain did cheer when Maggie died, dancing on her grave is still pretty gross. She had dementia and was in a pretty sorry state towards the end of her life and politics aside people should be able to see how that's pretty sad.

Who am I kidding tho, gotta take the biggest shits on everyone else who doesn't agree with you right :story:


Thanks _01 for the art of my fursona, Tygrss Grftr
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Lou, your entire life is devoted to "leisurely self care." Hugh Hefner didn't pursue leisurely self-care as much as you do.
Jesus christ. I would love to see his bank statements to get a look at where this is all coming from.

Countdown timer started for how long it takes for the begging to re-start. Last time he said he wouldn't need to beg for another 2 - 3 weeks, I think it took him literally 24hrs


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Can you imagine a GFM asking for money to add to your savings? Jfc

And he already admits he plans on asking for more in two weeks. Bet that lasts less than 72 hours.

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Oh lawd, I take it back, Lou really is this stupid
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I'm growing tired of archiving his shit, but I've done this one since he'll be running to delete it when he goes full silverback upon realising he's been trolled
On one hand, I don't condone trolling him because KF explicitly has a "no trolling plans" rule and I might have accidentally told people how to do just that earlier in the thread. But on the other hand, I really, really hope that he continues to make more wishlists that will inevitably get wiped out due to people "buying" everything on his list for him, only for him to get trolled hard when he realizes none of his items show up in the mail.