Careercow Louise Mensch / Louise Bagshawe - crazy druggie turned leading warrior against international slavery, Russophobic Conspiratard


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Does Louise ever address her old claims that never came true? Like she was saying Bannon was indicted for treason and facing the death penalty over a year ago. Does she just pretend that never happened? I need to know more about her madness.
I can't say for sure, but my guess is it's a mix of Trump Derangement Syndrome and possibly one of the most bizarre cases of gang stalking I've seen.

There's an article that came out in 2012 outlining her statements about using hard drugs and how they left her with "long term mental health problems." In the article, she states that those drugs left her with bouts of anxiety. The Mayo Clinic lists several symptoms of anxiety. A few of them include nervousness, having a sense of impending doom/danger, and having difficulty controlling worry. This is where my theories come in.

I once met a woman who believed she was being gang stalked by a corporation. If she misplaced something, the corporation broke into her house and moved it. If she hit a button on her car's keyless entry remote and her trunk popped open, the corporation built a device to hack into her car. Where Louise differs from your average gang stalking "victim" is the fact that she's a journalist. It's almost like a fucked up version of John Carpenter's They Live where only the protagonist can see the aliens who have infiltrated society. Couple that with her Trump Derangement Syndrome and you get a pretty good picture of what makes her tic.

In her eyes, only a Russian spy/bot/puppet could ever want an America where Hillary isn't president. If you run Wikileaks, you're working with the Russians. If you're a black sheriff who criticizes black lives matter, you did it on Putin's orders. If you say America First, you're pushing a slogan created by Russians peddling Nazi propaganda. If your name is Bernie Sanders, you're a Russian agent. If you're a fifteen year old girl who got sexted by Anthony Weiner, you're a Russian catfish.

The last example I listed stands out to me because she eventually had to correct it once she realized that the Russians hadn't gone out of their way to make Anthony Weiner look like a pervert. But after she writes six paragraphs "correcting" her story, she writes in big bold letters "The Carolina Conspiracy Remains My Theory, Although Founded on a Real Crime."

In my opinion, this is the key to Mensch's madness. It's like someone held up three fingers, asked you how many fingers they were holding up, and you replied "four." If you truly thought they were holding up four fingers, technically you're not lying. You may be wrong, but you're not trying to deceive anyone. This is how I believe Mensch sees the anti Trump stories she writes. Even if it's as rediculous as Trump raping a child on camera, she will believe it as long as it makes Trump and the Russians look bad.

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Wow, 16 months with no further posts. In a shocking development, Louise is still fixated on Russia. She’s still retweeting Eric Garland and her own tweets from two years ago. Also railing against her archenemy Pamela Anderson. Bashittery hasn’t been this boring in a long time.
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In an alt timeline, there is a version of Louise that is a QBoomer, she has the exact same personality type
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Louise Mensch secret divorce from Peter Mensch. According to New York court docket, Peter Mensch filed for divorce in 2017, and it's final.

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