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So it seems Cameron has struck his final nail in the coffin yesterday with Yanderedev.

A post showed up on r/Osana yesterday with a list of accusations that Cameron has done, the main thing being leaking a conversation between himself and Alex on a stream (supposedly to prove he had a gf). He then streamed his response today and has said that he wants out of the drama and that some of the accusations on the reddit thread were true.

Reddit thread - [Archive]

Real discussion starts around 3:10

He said he is also going to be taking a month long hiatus, but seeing the recent trend of prospering lolcows and their hiatuses, it is either going to be three days or the whole month, there is no in between.
Every single one of these people are falling one by one to absolute spedom. The harvest is bountiful this year, truly.


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Discord is a blight upon humanity.

Giving autistic children with niche interests the ability to talk to autistic adults (and as with this case, other autistic children) about said niche interests is probably the worst idea in the entirety of human civilization. These days we have kids doing and talking about shit they absolutely should not be doing or talking about, and adults who are easily able to prey on these stupid children.

That said, this particular case doesn't seem too bad. A 15 year old offhandedly making a few dirty jokes in a chatroom with a 10 year old is pretty far from ”grooming”.

But kids that young REALLY shouldn’t really be on Discord with random anonymous people in the first place. Especially when they’re in chat rooms regarding weeb games.
The other thing to note is that it's not criminal to prey on kids in middle-eastern nations, as far to my knowledge.

Then again, I'm the type of person that would make his daughter become a fan of musicians like Fear Factory, Slayer or Slipknot.


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Autistic video game fandoms and grooming seem to go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. I remember back in the early 2000s every somewhat-niche video game forum had some flavor of 30 something admin/moderator who was a little too friendly with a teenage girl (or boy for certain flavors of 30 something) who posted on the forums. Often said teenager would have elevated powers and would hang out in the forum's IRC channel with the 30 something constantly. While the current rash of groomers seems pretty bad, I'm actually glad more people are drawing attention to it instead of just letting it slide.

He needs Managers, Voice Actors, Casting and Voice Over work, Artists, PR (well he used to), and everyone’s grandma.
This is an accurate representation of what will happen when the Love Letter project finally dies.
OK but who is going to pay them? Are they doing it for free? I'm not trolling btw I just don't use discord because I'm not a faggot.

Slowly waiting for the dumpster fire to die out at this point.

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These are DMs are from the LL:MTF Twitter
He is fucked at this point. Logan has proven already that he is absolutely shit at PR and team management, and now that the most valuable assets to the game, the managers, have stepped down, whatever volunteers remain that didn't leave from poor working conditions already will slowly (or not so slowly) be alienated over time from having an idiot as their manager.
Logan probably won't dump the game. All the money from Youtube he's making and the rabid fans on the subreddit and twitter are far too attractive to leave behind. This will be a slow death with the game falling into obscurity until one day it just fizzles out of existence.
I know a certain game developer will be happy about this.


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I'm back guys.

My first born (14) was just diagnosed with cancer (leukemia). Not something I would ever wish on anyone but still better than being born asian and coping with 2 dimensional drawings on a board for social failures.
Are they grooming 10 year olds? If not they're not truly adolescent.

LMAO that's so goddamn blind as to how grooming actually works. Imagine you're a twelve year old on the internet with parents who either don't care or don't know about all the shit you get into on the internet - you're probably socially awkward, or don't have a lot of friends. Suddenly, you're part of an "in" group, with these cool people who spend time with you and don't treat you like a kid. You share stories about shows you like, talk about your life a little bit, and you start to see these people as real friends.
I don't have friends. Can I still be groomed? I wish I was 10 again...

Twelve year olds are fucking stupid. You think teenagers are stupid, getting peer pressured into sex because they want to fit in or doing stupid shit because their friends are? Teenagers are megamind compared to twelve year olds. All it takes is older members of the group to start talking about how, oh, this character is so cute - these two would be so cute together, and wow, look at this cool (but risque) fanart I found/drew! Grooming is a game of slow escalation. You're dumping kids in a pot of water you slowly turn up until they think sending nudes to people ten years older than them is acceptable and making jokes about dick sucking in front of ten years old is funny because it's not a big deal.
And that is why I think, personally, that it is ultimately retarded to post a "center-aligned-letter" about abuse by 5 years older kid. But wait - there's more! Who in the fuck looks for the friends over the web? NEETs and weebs - the gene pool's sewage. I guarantee to you that the perpetrator of this "center-aligned-letter" is a fuck-up who will emerge as a next abuser. Will you defend her if she harass some kid in few years because she was abused several years ago? Of course not.

People who are being groomed usually think they're fine, they think all this shit is normal. So it doesn't occur to them that acting like that around other people is wrong, because they turned out okay, right? Unlearning deep-seated sexual behaviors gained from grooming takes victims literal years to unlearn, and regularly ruins their relationships with friends and significant others because these people cannot understand boundaries and have no idea what they're even doing wrong.
I say - fuck'em.
Frankly, I don't care about her. The retard could warn the police/guardian/parents/friend/relative that such thing occurred. But the urge to know someone famous was more important. To gain some prestige among other weebs by letting them know that she knows a guy that they know from Internet. Whoa! Impressive for 10 year old but if such things impress a 10 year old I ask - where were the parents for the whole time, huh? What a 10 year old does over the web with Discord talking with anonymous people? If her parents/guardians don't give a damn about her why should I living thousand of miles away?


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For those wondering, this is the guy who was gonna work on the ""Love Letter" manga"
Thank you @Sammy our new lord and savior for cleaning this mess :semperfidelis:

Okay, the idea that talks of a manga were even happening, regardless of it was official or not, was always ridiculous to me. The game didn’t even have a plot. It barely had a first protagonist. If you’re going to make a manga, just fucking make a manga. You don’t need to attach to an unfinished project in order to make a manga about yandere girls.

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Going to r/LoveLettermtf and I only see one post about drapeis's shit. It's obvious the mods are trying to act like nothing happened. Not to mention, it's already archived when other posts older than it are still active.
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"I'm not saying what he did wasn't wrong... But", "Teens do stupid shit all the time". Even at 15, one should know not to make sexual advances towards a 10-year-old. There is no excuse to do so and people who do are retarded degenerates.

Also, lol at the fact that his own whiteknights "misgendering" him.