Love Letters To Trans People -

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A thousand years old
True & Honest Fan
I post here for the contrast between the feedback i get from sane, free thinking people and the feedback i get from mentally ill perverts projecting their sick fantasies at me along with absurd pseudoscience.
Do you show those sane, free-thinking people what we say about you? You should. I’m sure they’d get a kick out of it. Especially the bits where you explain what you did to Sabrina and we explain how that makes you a pedo.
stay good and stupid , fools. history is not going to look kindly at any of you.
Only psychopaths care what history will think of them. Who gives a fuck what strangers think after they die?
lol. sane people can tell the difference between what's real and what's bullshit contrived by sociopaths.
The bullshit contrived by sociopaths presumably being the stuff you say?
Eventually, that garbage will all disappear.
You know, Tom, I think everyone goes through a “someday I’ll show them all” phase. It’s called adolescence. Most people grow out of it, though. They realise that achievement requires work. They learn humility, gain a realistic sense of their own abilities and figure out that the world isn’t going to be wowed by their very existence.

Not you, though. You never grew out of that. Here you are at 90 years old, still sitting at home and doing nothing, still convinced that you’re special and someday, the world will recognise your greatness. It’s never going to happen, and soon you will be dead.

Dee Price

ugly tranny,
Person of Interest
Dear Trans Kids,
I am a transfeminine intersex AMAB boomer who survived both IGM and CT, yet managed to make peace with my parents after coming out in 2014. They had no way of knowing any better then. Seeing documentaries about you and your parents and transition diaries of young adults starting to appear around 2005 gave me and thousands of other closeted and stealth transgender people the courage to step out of the shadows to stand with your families to protect the happy childhoods that were denied to previous generations you were enjoying. I realized that I was being stupid for not living out loud and when I finally came out on April Fools Day (it was only fitting), a weight lifted from me when I just stopped being self conscious about the way i carried myself , like no epiphany I've ever had before. My life has done nothing but steadily improve for the past 8 years.

For those of you in loving families nurturing you as yourself, rejoice in that blessing and much respect to you for the courage you and your parents have displayed since the nightmare of November 8th brought on the plague of the bloated orange zit. For all my young siblings trapped in families living in the dark ages, don't despair. Many of your classmates are sympathetic and your school counselors and CPS social workers should be, but i would be cautious there. Reach out to PFLAG and GLAAD to find resources close to you. Facebook groups that support minors and their parents are Parents of Transgender Children, Trans People and the Allies Who Support Them, rainbow family transsisters and the science of sex and gender library.

Have faith that few of these hate bills will pass and none of the ones that do pass will withstand a constitutional challenge. Be proud of what you are and have confidence that you have the vigilance of all your elders, cis and trans, who have struggled for so many years to establish our validity as a natural born minority deserving of equal rights. We are winning this where it counts; in the hearts and minds of our neighbors. The more visible we are, the more people learn about us from us, instead of people trying to make them hate us. We're born this way and there is no way we're going in any direction but forward from here. A solid majority of people polled are opposed to new discriminatory law and strongly supportive of queer equality. The struggle is nearly won, with only the passage of the Equality Act between the trans hate and institutionalized discrimination of today and a future where transgender people are just another facet of the multicultural landscape and hardly noticed at all. Trans is beautiful and I love you all.

Happy Day
Tommie Jayne

Thomas your gender library should be called the collection of really stupid trender identities.

As for gender there is TWO male and female.
Why are you so obsessed with the sexual identities of children? You’re fucking weird.
Yes Thomas is more than weird and disgustingly disturbing. He is an out right perverted ass clown
I own every one of you mean, stupid , hateful perverts. Keep displaying your deviant delusions, dorks.

This is how the parents of trans kids react to me, you ridiculous toxic talking turds:

This is beautiful.
Trans adults have helped the parents and trans kids behind measure.
Without trans adults sharing experience and mentorship parents would have no idea how to help our kids or how urgent and time sensitive the support is.
May we all soon see total, matter-of-fact trans liberation.
Ps make your letter shareable from your page maybe?
No you do not own anyone here tom. They are not the ones blubbering out nonsensical sperges You are!
but if everyone chops their cocks off, who will have the babies that will grow into the teenagers you will attempt to groom?
No one that would be the end of man kind.
It’s funny, isn’t it? He’d hardly be the first person to use the trans rights movement as a front for grooming, but holy shit he is so bad at concealing it. He’s so desperate to get some childfucking done that he forgets to be subtle.

It’s like when he tries to be reasonable about his desire to lower the age of consent laws, but then just straight-up admits that it’s because he’s scared of being arrested for raping little girls.

In conclusion, Tom is not very bright.
So true and Thomas is wanting to be as we known as Yaniv for his disgusting perversions. He wants to try to have a bottomless pool party for both little girls and boy and trans kids and Dobermans too, age restricted from 3 to 8 years old human and 1 to 3 years old for Dobermans.
yThey all are. People only want to normalise something if it's going to benefit them in their end goals. Prime example being johnathan yaniv going full mask off by calling people bigots for not letting him see their 12 year olds naked.
Thomas does the same thing but he does not just want to look but touch and do nasty things to.
Here's my love-letter to trans people:
If you don't cut your dick off and look as pretty as bailey jay then maybe i'll fuck you as a fetish.
LOL that would be a chaser letter and Baily Jay is a non op.
It means you're interested in sex, right? Specifically with dogs and children...?

Also, hang on

Tommie, I thought you were like 80 years old and had been trans since you were born? You mean to tell me you didn't go trans until little more than five years ago?!
LOL you just set tom off on a shitting spree. His hovel just got a new coat of shit spackle.
This is the last I'll be responding to your toxic talking turd self. i was born trans and was unable to live authentically until 2014.

dude, if we were at the bus stop and you were talking this shit, i'd be beating the crap out of you. You can read the testimonies of any number of parents like Debi Jackson, Kimberly Shappley, Amber Briggle or Vanessa Lee Nic. I won't be compromising any of the parents in my group to satisfy the doubts of a toxic transphobic talking turd.


i say again: i own you fools. You hate yourselves, have been programmed with lies about me that you sperg back at me like the infantile imbeciles and chickenshit keyboard commandos you really are.
LOL if you were at a bus stop You would be crapping alright but not beating anyone. You would be screaming help help get the cops all the while leaving a shit trail everywhere you shuffled in terror and fear.

And i say again YOU DO NOT OWN SHIT. everyone here is laughing at you, You exceptional ass clown.
I’m a transphobe? I’ve literally defended sane trans people on this site because my oldest friend is a mtf transwoman and gotten flack for it by members of the site that are transphobic and we all just kind of brush it off. @Android raptor and I disagree on pretty much everything but we are still civil or joking to each other.

Whether or not you think you could kick my ass I really don’t care. You’re some faggot on the internet acting like a tough guy when you’re really a crying pedophile, and I’m literally just laughing at exceptional shit you post.

Now are those real people or are they sock accounts? I kind of need more proof to believe people would congratulate a person like you.
Yes you have and you made your stance clear with me. And you are so correct. Only real trans deserve kindness and these fakes make us look bad.

I know Tom would not be able to fight you. He also runs in pants shitting fear and we have all seen this on video before.
Do he wants to rape Trans people as well?
Great...just great...
that is tom for you a fixating perverted sexual predator.
i am under no obligation to satisfy the doubts of a member of the angry adult autistic asshole army who believes the bullshit about me. seriously, go chug some bleach , scum stain. I own three groups for transgender people with over 2000 members. this handful of hypocritical hedonists is insignificant as anything but contrast to the reality of my life.

This is some of the most stupidly transphobic twaddle i've seen in a long time. How many times do you transphobic talking turds need to be told that I'm an Intersex two spirit, neither male or female? my parents accept me as I am, I never had a "Christian name" and history has me recorded already as a female. History is going to record you as a flaming asshole in a herd of flaming assholes.

Amber Briggle shared it last week as part of her blitz against the hate bills.

Do yourself a favor and stop believing lies and running with a pack of morons being manipulated into spreading them by professionals.
Yes you are under obligation to explain your reasoning especially when your whole reason was you feel safer as a trans than a perverted old man.

do you remember the

Tom must be in hiding tommie needs to be on the surface paragraph? How you feel safer as a trans woman than a 60's raunchy rude exceptional individual pedo dog molester. That you felt sly knowing you will get away with a lot more for having MOOBS and that it was not money that ruled the world..... remember now?

So you said the very male set of words tits ass pussy and a fuck me hairstyle and paintjob does.

Now tell me tom how sly does it make you look HA HA HA HA. Looks more like you over estimated how sly it would be. by a lot.
tl;dr whatever you care to believe, i really don't care. you're a hater in a pack of haters who believe lies and distortions about me. bye now.
exceptional individual to long did read.... you can not fool any of us with that shit old ass clown.
enjoy your life living in misinformed stupidity.

i don't "hang out" here or at AMB unless both my facebook accounts are blocked. otherwise, i just pop in for a few minutes.

You need to be reminded that these things you claimed to have learned from me are, for the most part , completely subjective distortions of reality coupled with heaping helpings of your own despicable child and animal fucking fantasies. Nobody capable of critical thinking takes anything any of you sado-masochistic sociopathic voyeurs seriously.
Yes you do liurk both. Face it you are always screaming out idiocy.
Said the person not invited to the funeral and cut out of the will.....
Not only not invited but forbidden to go. And lets see another bad reaction. It is comical that you would have a grudge and a temper fit.
LOL now that is a awesome job and totally comical.

I can see Thomas's lip trembling as the first tears and sharts come from the insane fee fee tantrum he is now having from this post the internet butt hurt with tom is intense.
so? i started a lot more at facebook and eBay.

Thanks, but I really don't like to be referred to as "man", please.

the both of you are totally full of crap and really unworthy of any response. i stand firmly on the accusation that the lot of you are programmed to believe lies about me , distortions of things i wrote or said and conjecture with heaping helpings of projections of your own sick degenerate fetishistic fantasies thrown in.
So you shit talk on more than two forums.
sorry, you are unworthy of even being looked at any more.
Thomas shut your exceptional ass clown mouth.
Sorry. I don't look like a Cryptkeeper Sam Kinison.
No you don't but tom does. and not sam he is to feminine than tom would bev.
tl;dr you lost me at dirty old man, you disgusting little twerp. run along back to your video game, cartoon character.
\\\\\\More shit post? really we have seen the same old shit from you in both AMB and KF.
You calling anyone disgusting is ironic
It is seeing as Thomas is a gross foul looking old ogre.
Dear Transkids,
The Koopalings and I have kidnapped the doge. @Dee Price is now a permanent guest at one of my 7 transdumpsters. I dare you to find them if you can.
LOL Tom can try but i have a good alarm system and camera system so he would get seen and caught.
Nobody is going to your summer-camp Tommy, stop trying.
Yes they are safe we made sure SAGA knew about tom and his dog fucking and child molestation and that he loves to groom kids and makesd Yaniv look harmless in comparison.
I post here for the contrast between the feedback i get from sane, free thinking people and the feedback i get from mentally ill perverts projecting their sick fantasies at me along with absurd pseudoscience.

stay good and stupid , fools. history is not going to look kindly at any of you.
No you post here to sperg like a ree you fat ugly old perverted trender monster.

You do so because you are a spastic moron that has to yell at good people that see through your bullshit trender lies.,
lol. sane people can tell the difference between what's real and what's bullshit contrived by sociopaths. Eventually, that garbage will all disappear.
Yes they can and that is why everyone is repulsed by you. Do get you are a fat old man faking to be female when all you want is to corner some little girl in a public bathroom because you can't chase them down any longer you foul old perverted beast.
Gross dude. Stop having sex with children.
He has but only because he can not chase them down anymore. He has to trap them and they are not easily trapped. HIs only other option is dog sex which is easy for him due to the dog being chained up and he can capture them and rape them. but only the ones on chains.

Mariposa Electrique

October 4-18, Chris Will Be Happy!
True & Honest Fan
lol. sane people can tell the difference between what's real and what's bullshit contrived by sociopaths. Eventually, that garbage will all disappear.
It will all disappear just your hair. These stories will follow you to your grave because they're true and you admitted to raping dogs and children. You will always get tossed from places, Tom. People will always know you're a rapist.