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Horrorcow Lucas WernerA man of Spokane, Washington who is obsessed with millennial chicks

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by SpacePanther, Feb 3, 2016.

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  1. Your trolling plans probably suck. Before you break the law to piss Werner off, read this:

    This is Lucas Werner, a 37 year old, homeless liberal atheist that is a huge supporter of Bernie Sanders.

    What exactly qualifies this man as a horrowcow?​
    • Werner has an obsession with wanting to bang millennial (preferably 18-30, though he has no qualms about 16 year olds) chicks
    • He is an unmedicated schizo that is wandering around the city of Spokane, Washington leaving creepy notes and types of foods that would most likely attract college students and young people
    • He has proven to have a bit of a violent person, there is a document about a domestic violence case with his former girlfriend
    • He is a spergy and almost euphoric atheist, though he takes it to the extreme
    • He gets repeatedly catfished. The main people that have catfished him are @QueenBurritoSupreme and @SheWolfOfWA
    I will let these screenshots speak for themselves;
    Court document.jpeg
    complaining about aprents.png
    stalking teenagers.jpg
    psychology hate.PNG

    Here are some links of Lucas's;

    Main Facebook
    Second Facebook
    Third Facebook
    Fourth Facebook
    His "Company"
    OkCupid (inactive)
    OkCupid (active)
    Discussion of him on Tickld
    QUICK Meme
    Couch Surfing
    A Blog Post by His Mom

    Also special thanks to @The Hysterical Imam for providing lots of information about Lucas, he has ran in his circles in the past.

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    #1 SpacePanther, Feb 3, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2017

    SpacePanther reporting for duty
    True & Honest Fan

  2. The millionth individual of a very wide spread Sperg Species.
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  3. One of my favorite comment sections of his.

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    SpacePanther reporting for duty
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  4. Russell Crowe should fight him irl.
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  5. So if younger women aged 19+ don't want to date a broke, fat, autist living on welfare then it's somehow their fault for not wanting to do so?

    How about you stop being an old creeper, clean yourself up, shave, get a real job and find a woman closer to your own age and stop creeping on the kids.
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    Phil Ken Sebben

    Phil Ken Sebben The Potato Whisperer.

  6. His whole obsession with younger women seems to be because the older women don't like his bullshit, and I guess the last woman he was with (I think they were around the same age, he never specified but it's what I guessed) left him for an older guy with more money.
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    SpacePanther reporting for duty
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  7. Ah yes. The classic 'It's someone else's fault I'm X'.
    Dude is a creepy thirsty desperate guy. But clearly, the fault is on the others. No need to improve himself here, nope. *yawn*
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    DrainRedRain you're not real fuck you
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  8. 3 minutes 30 of masturbation/"ex girlfriend?" talk. He seems drugged. Any known substance abuse problems?
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    wheat pasta

    wheat pasta You're not real! Fuck you!

  9. He probably plays Life is Strange a lot, lots of younger girls in there.
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    True & Honest Fan

  10. He says he smokes dope on his Facebook but that's all I've heard.

    Edit: His last girlfriend was 18 years older than him.

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    #10 SpacePanther, Feb 3, 2016
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  11. This is going to be a guy who goes to prison for violently raping a 17 year old. :(
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    ObeseScreamingBlackMan Screamin' Gay Autism
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  12. Because a creeper with a sense of entitlement bigger than OPL's titties is such a catch.

    Sir, I have a theory as to why you may be single right now, and it may surprise you to discover that it's not due to faults on the part of your preferred agegroup. Also, you have a head shaped like a rugby ball.
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    UselessRubberKeyboard Jesus Christ, Rowena
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  13. Millennials are shitheads, though. :julay:
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    Super Collie

    Super Collie spuper colly :D
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  14. This thread probably should be in the Loveshy forum, because this guy is the epitome of a Nice Guy™.
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    Lurker CLICK CLACK
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  15. He must be super poor because so many college girls these days are willing to escort or cam-whore for something as small as an item off of an Amazon wishlist...had a roommate who did that once and she flashed her tits to guys much creepier than Werner.
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    PolexiaAphrodisia Life just kills me. Do you have any pot?

  16. Maybe he should just sing a song:
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    Coldgrip OG Sexual Thug

  17. I wasn't sure where to put him, I couldn't think of a good category. Is there a certain mod that can move threads or? This is my first thread :c
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    SpacePanther reporting for duty
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  18. He's a walking negative stereotype of Bernie voters, oh man.
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  19. How salty
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  20. You can't love everything about your generation, but you take what you can get (if you care at all).

    His dad was probably a loveshy.
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