Horrorcow Lucas Werner - A man of Spokane, Washington who is obsessed with millennial chicks

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Lucas is so fat and lazy, he's bragging he was in such a fat man meat coma he couldn't even jerk off?

I'm shocked he made honor roll, from my understanding these were pass fail classes, many schools grade them as a C or F only. I don't know his exact one.

Anonymus Fluhre

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Since we all know what's going to happen (if he did follow through that is), would the Farms have a wake for him? Or just laugh at him for thinking his threat of suicide will finally get him laid?
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Well if I live to 300 I'll kill myself.

Lucas has cooked his organs from his meds, sedentary life style, obesity, and poor dieting. He looks insanely rough for not even 40. 55 is really pushing it, plus as we know pretending he lives that long, he will just magic up more pedo "science" to allow him to be a selfish glutton and blame outward.

He did this when he hit 35, Im sure if we had more back story he did with 30 etc etc. He's too prideful to really tie a noose, and it gives us more tard cum so we'll take what we can get, but really he's killing himself slowly with his life.

Plus even healthier men in 40-50 start having lowered test levels enough to start having things like ED etc. This dude is on drugs and fat enough he's talked about failure to get a boner for at least a half a decade. No way even if a 3 year old fell on his dick could he get his rocks off. Let alone in a decade and a half.
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