Horrorcow Lucas Werner - A man of Spokane, Washington who is obsessed with millennial chicks


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Lucas defends using the word wigger even after a racist lady supports him for it. Spoiler alert Lucas dudebros and wiggers aren’t necessarily the same thing. Or do you equate all men younger and more successful with women than you with niggers?



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Such a woke Comrad Lucas is!
Remember in the Neverending Story how the Rockbiter says in that scene that his big strong hands were totally useless for defence against the Nothing?

Lucas has a job. A job like that of a "creator/salesman" of snake oil. His games are just a schizo as he is.

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Nobody is demanding your wages, Werner. Women won’t date you BECAUSE YOU’RE FUCKING UGLY. And balding. And creepy and smell terrible and have no ambition in life other than to get your dick wet.

People want to date partners with a job not so they can spend the partner’s money, but because a job is an indication that you’re a mentally stable person who shoulders responsibilities and adulthood, a dependable person with the basic intelligence to interact normally with co-workers and pay their own rent and bills on time, a person who plans for their future by accruing savings and equity. They want a partner who will not refer to them as “a cooch attached to a juicy womb” and try to shove a hairy forearm up their vagina to distract from a tiny, tiny penis.

You are none of those things. Also you’re fat and mental. And fat. And very mental.

Also, you already TRIED using money to get women to date you, remember? The offers of lobster dinners and expensive drinks? It didn’t work. It’s not the money, it’s you. Big, fat, greasy, smelly, balding, schizophrenic, teen-obsessed, shallow, ugly you.
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Lucas put up another game (Deconversion) up for sale today at The Game Crafter

Of course he gave the game a 5 star review and left this comment:

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Wait so are we attacking with OUR bipolar or are we attacking people who have been diagnosed with bipolar? Lucas wasn't very clear.


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Lucas bullies us mentally disabled Kiwis because we are too exceptional to understand his profound arguments ;..; Very cruel and Trumpian of him :c
Jokes on Lucas we’re all autistic as shit here and by dogging on us all he’s ironically become the most ableist of all. Especially considering he’s afraid to get tested for the ‘tism because he knows damn well he is.

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