Horrorcow Lucas Werner - A man of Spokane, Washington who is obsessed with millennial chicks


I can resist anything but temptation
I know you dropped out of college too early to learn financial mathematics Lucas, but there’s a thing called ‘breaking even’ and so far, you have not.

That’s 7 dollars, minus the few hundred you spent on game artwork (while obviously trying to groom that chick.. she’s in SOFALAW btw), minus the food bills you’ll probably charge to your Pedo business account...

That gives you around -$207.00.

Maybe capitalism sucks because you aren’t smart enough to run a business.

Qi Meng Dealer

Ironically, if you chimed in to that comment chain to show him a screenshot of the admin telling him he's only temporarily blocked for 3 days he would block you.
I suspect showing his adoring fans screenshots of how he didn't actually argue coherently and instead just did the equivalent of a kid covering his ears and shouting "lalalala" via lame image posts, making him look even more like a 'tard than he already is, will also earn a block. I appreciate Lucas' attempt to make it look like he's a tough guy, though, it's good for a laugh.


Christian Slaterkin
He's literally regressed, (or never PRO-gressed from) back to where he started pre-nuthouse. Pictures of gross, greasy food, covered with increasingly unhinged dogma that, to him I guess, somehow suggests something enticing or conducive to attracting young women?

Actually, in some ways he seems to have gotten worse, because his old food-and-dogma memes were heavily promoting his telomerase "research", whereas the new ones are just... bizarre. Incomprehensible, even for those of us who've studied him like a bug under a microscope and know his way of writing / talking...such as it is.

I guess this is just where he'll be for the rest of his life, assuming he can avoid getting arrested for anything, just plodding along sidewalks with his hands clenched behind his back, staring at the ground out of awkward social shyness, farting every few steps, hating the world, wiping his greasy mullet back off his forehead when sweat makes it slap into his face, muttering to himself when he passes a young girl, hoarding unopened, unplayed boardgames, consuming cheese at an unprecedented rate, consuming deodorant, toothpaste, and shampoo at a more conservative one.

And one day he'll die in his government fartbox, surrounded by a greasy laptop with 26 tabs open to lolita porn, stacks of meeples and dice, and the plastic wrappers from untold blocks of cheddar.


Alpha Winner Deluxe
True & Honest Fan
Lucas is back posting pictures of food with his schizo thoughts.
“I guess.” like he wouldn’t desperately lunge at any woman in the age range, while whimpering for attention. Sure mate, you’ve got standards, of course you do.

I love the idea he has that young women are just looking at men in the street and thinking, “I want to literally have a baby with that strange man, like I don’t want to have sex cuz he’s attractive, I’m just in need of genetic material. Let’s date him and see if he’s all right as a person.”

Even if this were a reality, they can go to a sperm bank and pick whatever requirements for sperm they WANT. Age, race, fuckin shoe size and astrology sign. A total stranger they will never meet would provide as much financial support as Lucas anyway. He already expects the woman to work, while he stays home and stares at a baby as it screams because he doesn’t think babies crying all the time is reality. They might as well just get bank sperm.

They don’t need to suffer through Lucas Werner having half a stroke while sweating to position his hefty flabby arse on top of them, trying to get his tiny non-functioning dick to extend far enough to reach inside of their vagina, then angrily giving up and trying to ram a hairy calloused fist into their body cavity.

mosh spice

Wow! $6.83! What a profit, Lucas! Watch out, though. You may end up ostracizing yourself from your fellow socialist comrads and get the attention of the Department of Social Security!

What a delusional fool. $6.83 is barely enough to buy one McDonald's value meal. Does he think the hunnies in Spokane are gonna think he is a success?
Uhm.. I hate to side with diseased older daddy here but I think a couple of you are missing his sarcasm in that post about his earnings...

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