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Gross Luna Slater / funeral1996 / rotten2thecore1996 / howl1996 / junkhunHeroin Addict, Discount Courtney Love, fucking grimy

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Melchett, Jan 20, 2017.

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@Broken Pussy, @Melchett

  1. I've been meaning to make this thread for months, she's one of my favourite lolcows from the other farms.
    Her instagram is the current source of most of her stuff, it's currently private, but I don't know how accepting of new followers she is.

    Okay, Luna Slater is a 20 year old heroin addict that lives with her gross-ass 35 year old boyfriend 1478034729126.png
    He was her Mothers valium dealer, and like a true gentleman he waited for her to turn 18 before banging her.

    He introduced her to heroin and now she lives this grimy heroin chic lifestyle. I've heard estimations that she spends approx $100 a day on heroin. I think she's on disability for something, she also has a prescription of some kind that she sells to people.

    Her house is the grimiest thing I've EVER seen.
    Thats her spare bedroom...
    Look in the background, all of those orange things are used needles.
    Cigarette butts in the carpet and grime everywhere. Ew. They also have three cats that look so greasy and unkempt.

    A while ago she had a drug tumblr where she glamourised her totally cool heroin lifestyle - there are pictures of needles in peoples arms in the next spoiler:
    Other than that, she's a typical junkie. She regularly "finds" things, which is her way of saying its stolen 1478134408706.jpg

    Often she manages to e-beg money/stuff from her friends and family, she has a couple of friends she uses for free dinners and shopping trips. She also has a dad and grandad that spoil her:
    Those crappy slippers were like $60 IIRC - she's also been given a laptop and a tablet by somebody.

    Yet she constantly begs for more. Not even the food banks are good enough for her:
    Those are the words of someone who's never truly gone hungry. Boo hoo, your cereals stale, if you want better food, buy it instead of heroin. Hell, lay off the fucking cereal:
    She's also an ~artiste, who paints and writes dumbass poems.

    EDIT: I forgot about her boyfriend Matthew, or as everyone likes to call him, Chief Areola.

    He's really fucking creepy, after getting Facebook last year he's been mass adding random attractive women, including several people on lolcow.farm. I wont go into that much detail because it's all in the most recent thread which i linked up at the top. Dude looks fucking PSYCHO tho and I will share hilarious pictures of him for the sake of it :lol:.

    courtesy of @John Webster:
    Previous usernames:
    luna s. rose

    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/ Private.
    Tumblr https://rotten2thecore1996.tumblr.com/ Active.
    Tumblr 2https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com Abandoned.
    Tumblr 3 https://funeral1996.tumblr.com/ Deleted.
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/luna.s.rose Active
    Etsy https://www.etsy.com/ca/people/funeral1996 Active
    Etsy 2 https://www.etsy.com/people/lookmomnohead Abandoned.
    Twitter https://twitter.com/funeral1996?lang=en Active.
    Twitter 2 https://twitter.com/lilcherub1996?lang=en Abandoned.
    Depop https://www.depop.com/howl1996/ Abandoned.
    The Pulp Girls Flicker page https://www.flickr.com/photos/thepulpgirls/ Abandoned.
    Encyclopedia Dramatica mention. https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Peter_Callan#Luna_Slater
    Current social media:
    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/ Private.
    Tumblr https://rotten2thecore1996.tumblr.com/ Active.
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    #1 Melchett, Jan 20, 2017
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    Melchett Deep State Agent of Disinfo
    Staff Member Moderator True & Honest Fan

  2. I can smell that house from here, godDAMN.

    Everything about this girl is gross, but what sets her apart from the hundreds of other white trash junkie filthy girls on IG?

    Besides the frightening curve of her boyfriend's dick of course
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    PolexiaAphrodisia Life just kills me. Do you have any pot?

  3. junjiito.png
    Jesus fucking Christ, her boyfriend looks like something out of a Junji Ito manga.
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  4. Aren't drugs supposed to make you skinny?
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  5. She's got kind of a pretty face but the body of a trainee Slaton Sister.

    And yeah, how the fuck does she manage to get fat while on heroin?
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  6. While the farms was down she opened a public tumblr. It's full of stupid Kurt Cobain shit, but occasionally she posts really sad (boring) shit when she's dopesick

    Her first tumblr post:

    more "poetry"?
    :agree: tho
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    Melchett Deep State Agent of Disinfo
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  7. What is with the huge heroin culture on tumblr? Like it seems the drug crowd is huge over there and they're way into glorifying and making drugs seem like some kind of john green novel. it's kinda sad. that aside, her boyfriend looks like a more stretched out version of ninja from die antwoord with hair and I kind of hate it.


    she looks like shes trying really hard to imitate that "sad girl" style you see a lot on tumblr and just is failing? liking hello kitty and trying to be 'kawaii' doesnt stop you from being a druggie like...really
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    #7 widowspiderling, Feb 10, 2017
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    widowspiderling Pretty good, it doesn't seem!

  8. [​IMG]
    It's almost like being a fucking junkie is taxing on your health or something...
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    Rabbit Bones

    Rabbit Bones If he fuck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster
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  9. Reminds me of julie
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    aWermHasNoName get your hard on out

  10. Heroin has a tendency to make people crave sugar.

    She was a bit heavier before the current lifestyle came into play. She also looked happier.

    On a lighter note I kind of dig her drawings.

    Edit to add: her boyfriend likes succulent breasts. Facebook is so educational.
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    #10 Say no 2 hugs, Feb 11, 2017
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  11. I mean, she's got kind of a cute face but it's plastered in so much makeup you can never really tell.

    What I've seen of her body is gross tho.
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  12. Veiny dicks are disgusting.

    I wonder if he can inject heroin into it.
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    Ulfric Stormcloak

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  13. Isn't that like the last bastion of all heroin addicts? I remember seeing some documentary (or something along those lines) of some Russian drug addict that had ruined so many other veins the only other place he could inject was his dick.
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    MasterDisaster Back in the Stone Age.
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  14. Probably.
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    Ulfric Stormcloak

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  15. Live like trash, die like trash.
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    Big Nasty


  16. She's actually one of the most tragic cows I've seen here. Like, I genuinely wish she didn't have to be here. :/
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    FatFuckingClown *pins you to the ground and force-feeds you crack*
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  17. Like others said, if she's using heroin then there's nothing stopping her appetite. It can even make you hungrier, almost like weed munchies. If she's using meth/crack then it would be pretty weird for her to weigh so much.

    I don't really see her as an lolcow. She's a common junkie and if you live in a city, they are everywhere. Has she actually done anything noteworthy or interesting?
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  18. I am highly fucking disappoint that the scaly creeper boyfriend has a NIN tattoo. You could wring him out and fry some chips.
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  19. Damn, she is horrifying and sad all at once. I wish I hadn't looked at those needle pics.
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    snailshell Secret Australian metrosexual sock club member.

  20. Does anyone know if the boyfriend has his own social media accounts (apart from Facebook)? He seems to use her Tumblr and other accounts to post stuff.
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    Ride Moderator
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