Gross Luna Slater / funeral1996 / rotten2thecore1996 / howl1996 / junkhun - Heroin Addict, Discount Courtney Love, fucking grimy

Cat Flatulence

Here to curiously psychoanalyse the exceptional
But wait ...

Both look uncomfortable, Lurch looks like he is drying off a dog that he had to bathe because it rolled in fox shit on a walk and looks as indifferent and wooden as ever. He's shaking her buttocks so violently things are falling off that pile of greying cloth that the corpse of Lucky May Schumacher is resting on. According to LCF anons, these are from some of her vids.

Man vs persistent rat

A good egg is a nice person
It's semi-normal, a way of doing the usual sleeve-hiding, but further more discrete. I assume it's more about themselves than others seeing, as it doesn't interfere with her mirror-gazing. It's also quite easy to reach there by pinching the blade, resting your hand against the arm, and the relative shortness of the action giving you some precision/pivot in your cutting movement - not seeing the action can make somebody who is squeamish find it easier to do. (Not PLing, just interested in deviants.)
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But wait ...

This is literally the worst amateur content I’ve ever seen. The pile of clothes, dirty walls, dirty asses, Loon stumbling like a dazed toddler and Junji Ito’s lackluster effort. I can’t get over how disinterested and bored he looks, it’s like he knows this isn’t going to be profitable to them at all. Luna definitely had to pester him to help her make this.

Cat Flatulence

Here to curiously psychoanalyse the exceptional
Man, she's just hoping the tiddies will draw them in
That red bra is the mvp of her sex work rn
I get the strong feeling that is one of the only bras she has. Her matching pink set she did a video in the bathroom mirror with was actually quite nice and suited her way better. Hell, it wasn't even filthy, only the mirror was. The red one does not compliment the pastel shades of her clothing AT ALL. Red and pastel pink could not look more garish together. They are two colours that never match under any circumstance, regardless of hue or shade.


Life just kills me. Do you have any pot?
she has got to stop flashing that broken-ass autistic smile, it makes her look like something you’d see during sleep paralysis. just make your dumb pouty faces, I cannot take that “”smile”’
She's just contorting her face with empty eyes. That's what's wrong with her. Like someone pushed up the corners of a corpse's mouth.

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