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грешный дурак

Sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill
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It looks like dried blood, and we are without the hazmat suit. I just catch AIDS.
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I was but a little sprog when Courtney Love hit the scene, so I get the ironic kinderwhore thing. I am also familiar with gross barely legal pornography. Like, ok, I get it, trashy schoolgirl sluts, desperate amateurs, whatever. But...this? I feel like a legit incel would imagine these weird frosted zombie lips with corner-crust touching his body and be like “n-never mind”
And the thing is, with some exfoliant/makeup/decent lighting/flattering clothing (especially for the lumpy butt & flat titties)/filters, she could do okay making sleazy pics. Luna do you even SEE WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE
Luna babe, we know you have no sex drive. Heroin killed that years ago. Besides, you have no audience or customers so you're talking to no one.

Kinda off topic but I was getting my eyebrows done today and was sat in front of the style of mirror that has details where if you put your reflection in between the detail lines you get a weird double reflection and both halves look elongated, hope I explained it well enough. Anyway I unfocussed my eyes for a second while my tint was on and my stretched out, blurry, elongated face looked like Lurch. It was at that moment I realised how inhuman looking Lurch is. He's too long and square for this world.
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Imagine how dull sexting with Luna would be. She'd just send uwus and flabby shaky-handed pictures of her clothed ass like they were shot by accident. When your photos look like candid snapshots at a morgue, and you barely have the cognition to type a coherent sentence, it probably isn't a good idea to say you'd like to 'talk' to potential customers.

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Its so funny that she loves all this pastel, lace and satin shit when items like that actually require a lot of care when laundering them. But I think she likes when her clothes end up grimy and bloodstained. Its like a metaphor or something, I guess.

I think she cares that her dainty uwu things get gross but she sure as shit isnt going to do anything about it. That's *work*.
But it wouldn't be very kinderwhore of her to be clean and not spray blood all over everything
She'd be all Kinder and no Whore. That's not the Courtney Love way.
It could be possible the grime is a convenient part of the aesthetic though. I recall reading an interview in which Courtney Love explained some of the dresses she wore to live concerts in the 1990s were so overused and so filthy (she never washed them) that they stood up on their own.

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The leg :cringe:
That make up Luna, just why?

грешный дурак

Sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill

Good god she is so high in these pics. Idk why I kept trying to analyze her aesthetic choices this whole time, she’s just high af. That’s why there’s blood/a litter box/stained bedding/bad makeup/bruised up legs/awful ass in her pics. Think of something dumb you texted or tweeted after a few drinks. Now imagine “drinks” are opiates, and also that you’re Luna. What a disaster.

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