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She still won't just admit she has a kink for vore. It's kind of weird for someone who would be supportive of people to not just say yeah it's a kink and it's not sexual unless they were ashamed of it. There's far more weird and embarrassing things to be into at this point of the internet. Is vore still weird? Yes. Is it the absolute worse thing? Considering some furries like the thought of violent castration on kids, no.

It's interesting that Luna would even talk to someone that made videos poking fun at her, even if it was filtered through by another person. You'd think this would make her more open to people and take criticism about her current pieces of art which aren't very good. Theexcuse of working on it only works when there's improvement not a decline.

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I'm so jelly of all these people she draws where they can quirk either of their eyebrows independently.

These are refreshing, though. Her anatomy is still weird but it's easier to look past that when your comic isn't preaching to people about how awful they are for not agreeing with your standards or viewpoints. Also nice callout that some people that attend Pride are degenerates who shouldn't be out in public or that they conflate pride gatherings with "I have SO many freak flags I'mma just fly all of them at once"


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I refuse to believe there is any human being, living or dead, who thinks a name change is a thing "only trans people do."
How dumb do they have to to be to think that people think that changing your name is offensive to trans people, people do that for safety reasons and divorce reasons.

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This is what references are for, I don't know why they repeat poses so much.
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I can see trans being a great excuse to change a name but it's not necessary. You don't need more reasons other than you wanna do it. Unless you are a criminal or something like that name change is legal but kinda pain in ass because all the paperwork that needs updating. It's honestly kinda a lot of work and if you have tons of medical issues I would recommend against it as it can create really unpleasant or even dangerous situations there. Also it can get somewhat expensive with passports and other paperwork like that. If your main reason is that you are bored with your legal name but it's not actually embarrassing or otherwise troublesome name, I would recoment that you try getting a nickname going and avoid the legal hassle.

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Wait, what the hell happened to their shoulders?
She does that thing every furry/pony artist with a tenuous grasp on human anatomy does where they draw a vague human figure that’s clearly got animalistic features (most notoriously in the face, shoulders/hips, and limb length) and can’t be assed to buckle down and improve away from that. It makes sense considering her older (and comparatively stronger) work was all Friendship is Magic-based.

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I'll bet she was trolled, and later the troll claimed to be a pedo.
There's a pedo pride flag, because there's a pride flag for everything. There was an incel pride flag going around Twitter yesterday.

I don't think that comic was meant to have happened unlike the ludicrous 'only trans people change their names!' one, more a symbol of how some pedos are trying to join the alphabet. So the comic is fine, fuck off pedos.

And yet still she comes off as a hypocrite for doing so. It's a weird magic, being an unpleasant identitarian, how it can undercut even your few reasonable positions.

I don't think that comic was meant to have happened unlike the ludicrous 'only trans people change their names!' one...
Hah, you're right. I didn't read those two comics as different comics; I just assumed it was a big comic, because she seems to be interacting with the same person.

Seeing everyone who isn't you as a grey blob instead of individuals really gets confusing.

I made this account specifically so I could comment this on this thread. Luna is 25? Holy shit... I have a friend (who is 13 years old) who DMed them asking them to do a vore roleplay because he thought it would be really funny, AND THEY FUCKING ACCEPTED! My friend decided to go along with it, and they actually did a vore roleplay with their ocs. I’m definitely going to pester him for screenshots, because this is the funniest thing that I’ve heard about in a long time. Wish me luck...