Luna Tiny / Sara Elizabeth O'Hern / Anonymous-Asexual / AnonymousArtist - Fake tranny, fake asexual, possible art thief


hold me tigjt like hamburguer


Zap Rowsdower

The Canadian Chuck Norris
Not to mention ableist and probably a whole we’ll of other “ists” a Tumblrina could list off if they felt like it.

Is Luna really going to chew out people for not keeping an eye out for gender bracelets? Not to mention all the retail workers you’ll inevitably run into that aren’t paid enough to deal with that nonsense?

Dr. Studman M.D.

Doctor of Thugecology
I was more focused on the big ol' ham of an upper arm being half the width of her entire torso

What's with people putting stripes for black people on gaytrans flags now? Is black a sexual orientation? If you're black then are you automatically gay?
No shit, white savior SJWs claimed that white people forced blacks and browns to believe in sex and gender. Before that all the blacks and browns lived in a genderless utopia.