Lunatics who attack a mentally handicapped person - "Your name here"

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Let me try to put this in simple terms you can understand, Kyle.

You're in back in school, doesn't really matter what grade. Suddenly without provocation, a fat kid gets up on his desk and announces that he shits his pants and plays with dolls with total sincerity. The children laugh, and he doesn't understand why. Suddenly it dawns on him, and he tries to compensate by pulling his pants down and showing his stained undies are in fact not full of shit.

You think the other kids in that class room aren't going to start fucking with him? Sorry, that's just human nature there.

The thing with chris is that he VOLUNTEERS this information. All the info we have on him he's willing given to us. He told us he shits his pants, he told us his address and phone number, he told us he hates pickles. All chris would have had to do to stop the trolling was get a job or stop supplying trolls with ammo but he never learns, and its now far too late for anything to stop it.
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The entire forum should be mentioned in this thread. You guys stalk and harass Christine more than anyone else.
Listen, sped, we actually discourage people from harassing Chris. We even have a word for people who do it.
The word is "we-en" and it's not a positive label. We even filter the word to ween because it's far more accurate.
Shit, we've actually halal'd a member named @LagoonaBlue not too long ago because she wouldn't stop harassing Chris on Twitter.
We even tried protecting Chris after 2 profligate faggots extorted him for $6000.
We don't harass and actively discourage it via threat of making the more extreme or notable we.ens lolcows themselves.
Nor do we "stalk" as anything posted here is content Chris himself releases.

You really should lurk more before flapping your fellatio hole.

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It doesn't matter anyway, Kyle Simon is too common to find anything.
Oh you stupid, stupid summer sped. People get doxed here for so much less.

And then they whine to the site owner and he laughs at them. Then for years they bitch about how they are getting "stalked" because they came and poked a hornet's nest.

By the way, stalking is defined under Virginia statute 18.2-60.03; maybe go read it. Spoiler, nobody here "stalks" Chris Chandler without getting permabanned and probably humiliated.

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What the fuck was wrong with Kyle? Why wouldn't he fucking listen to people saying that Chris wasn't being stalked or harassed by people from here? He replied to literally nobody who said so and kept making Chris Crocker-tier LEAVE CHRISTINE ALONE threads.
He was "trollin' da farmz". He opened up like 4 accounts last night. Ranging in tone from "Christine is a beautiful soul!" to "I wanna suck his rotten flaccid dick!". He was also probably Sockness. Or at least some other new equally lame try-hard.


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Considering Chris is up to getting fooled by actual sect leaders, who are actual lunatics who aren't out to get Chris as one individual, this thread got pretty outdated.

Can you imagine if L. Ron Hubbard was alive and tweeting to Chris?
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Not sure if this user has already been discussed (I used the search bar and nothing popped up) archive
This person is a big faggot and is pretending like the Dimensional Merge is actually going to happen
I know they're trying to troll but I'm not sure what the end goal is here, Chris hasn't even acknowledged them
Those are a dime a dozen.


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What's even the point of trying to le epic troll chan, epic style? He's perfectly capable of making his own shenanigans entertaining. Most I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME end up often times looking just as slow in the brain as Chris. Just take a simple observe and report approach.
Everyone wants their 5 minutes of internet fame.
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