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dont say it man, because the spergs will start pouring their hearts about how they cant find a gf and how the western civilization is going to shit because things and stuff and how they love a nice full diaper

i personally dont care about it
Man, it's hard out here being a western man, watching everything burn by people who have no idea what they are throwing away, They just don't get it they need to read locke, or shurn and just understand that western man is the best. The worst thing is modern day feminism has completely destroyed women, trying to find a boyfriend free girl, the worst part is they won't even come up to me and say high. I am a highly functioning member of society and they just don't understand I'm their prince they just have to wipe the rust of my armor to get it to shine.

@SIGSEGV I'm so glad you're willing to let us talk about how we feel and unload all our emotional baggage on you.

7. Learn to hide your power level, Kiwi's are hungry for kontent and we will cannibalize new fags, A safe rule to play by is if you share too much about yourself you will get a thread.

8. If your going to go off topic try to bring it back to the topic by the end of the post.

You need to practice posting, for my first two years lurking here I would write up my replies to threads in notepad and then email null the entire, unformated post. Did this several hundred times to perfect my technique and it should work for all lurkers.


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If a post makes you mad, spam snoo PINGAS for pages upon pages in response.

If youre autistic as fuck and are prone to spergouts then make them funny, preferably using the above method.

PM every janny multiple times a day in a fellatious manner showing your appreciation for the job they do. This is key. The mods protect those who suck the cock.

However, anyone else that has stickers not mod related must be berated at all times. Always go out of your way to derail a thread if you see a "true and honest fan" sticker. This is actually a tag given to the most vile of kiwi farms users as a token of shame.

If you dox someone post all of their info you have on hand immediately, even if it's just a single tweet. Archiving can wait as the dopamine rush is far more important.

Ratings MATTER. If someone rates you dumb, autistic, or MOTI it is a direct attack to your very foundation as a human being and must be answered with a righteous fury.

One last thing: If you run across any content or info produced by one Corey Barnhill aka Zoom (child respecter and honest) be sure to post it in any thread that it is relevant in. The admin has great respect for this man and values his opinions dearly.

Now I understand most of this isnt specifically lurking advice. But it is advice every newfrend should take to heart.
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Our kind webmaster is always happy to help and loves it when people tag him or DM him to ask for advice about how they can improve their posts, or you can mail him like @Agricola says, Josh is friendly towards newcomers and always looking fowards improving the quality of our community and the posts it produces. :)
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Alright, lurkers. It's time to buckle the fuck up and listen to momma Coelacanth 'cause I'm gonna teach you a very important acronym:

Not. Your. Personal. Army.

Don't come here with the intent of revealing your personal grudges and make threads about how they're mean and horrible people who need to be punished. We won't care. We're all 'spergs who just document the antics of stupid people who do stupid things. All you'll get is Dumb and Mad at the Internet ratings as well as dozens of posts with the phrase NYPA in them. And as @Robert James said if you're not careful you may end up with a thread on your own if your username here can be linked to other accounts like the one you just happen to use to gush about how you're into diaper vore and have spent thousands on commissioned artwork of your fetish to fap to.
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