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Skitzocow Lyndon LaRouche and his LaRouchebags

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by DykesDykesChina, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. Does he qualify as a lolcow? What do you folks think of him and his weirdo followers?


    LaRouche PAC

    Schiller Institute

    LaRouche Planet (an Anti-L.R. fun site)

    I only ran into them once (they're less active in Germany, where they call themselves BüSo), they talked to me about nuclear power because I had studied one of their posters showing a nuclear power plant (as a physicist I have some interest in this topic). The LaRouchies quickly asserted that solar power was a terrible idea, nuclear was top. I tried to argue that solar has some merits and some drawbacks, just like nuclear has advantages and disadvantages, but they wouldn't have any of it, in their opinion it was nuclear and nothing else.

    Anyway, what do you think - is the LaRouche organization a huge international LOLherd?

    DykesDykesChina Human/Science

  2. Oh lawdy lawdy. Larouche's personality cult has got to be the closest there is to a political version of scientology. What I particular enjoy is his obsession with the British and the fact we Brits are all apparantly a mix of the lizard people, stereotypical conspiracy jews, and psychlos essentially because his first wife left him for a British guy.
    Judge Holden

    Judge Holden Corpsefucker
    True & Honest Fan

  3. This is basically a cult that recruits young people and has them cut themselves off from their families and spend all their time on LaRouche study.

    When I lived in another city they used to scream wide-eyed at me outside of the subway stations and ask if I supported National Socialism in US government. And they had posters of Bush and Cheney with Hitler 'staches. Now I live in DC and they hang around subway stations here too, but have updated the posters to Obama with a Hitler 'stache. They need a fresh approach IMO.

    Holdek Down to where? All that is down is only my unclit.

  4. I was visiting a friend in Canada a few years ago, and he told me to talk to LaRouche pamphleteers on the street if I encountered any. He promised it would be funny. So I found some (since these people are always in Montreal, especially when the weather gets nice), and the guy I spoke with started telling me all this shit about a secret oil pipeline from Russia or something. Whatever it was, be sure it was serious business! For every claim he made, I responded with phoney concern and an innocent request for proof. I kept saying, "How did you find out about this? Declassified documents?" and he kept trying to work around that and continue his screed.
    They also used to put up signs that said "Hitler to Obama: 'I just love your new healthcare plan!'" Oof.

    24isthehighestnumber BURT AND/OR ERNIE

  5. Oh God, when I was in college, there was some mysterious person who would leave copies of EIR (Economic Intelligence Report) and a copy of this newspaper that had a headlines like "NEW BRETTON WOODS IN WORKS, AS LAROUCHE PREDICTED." I cherish them, it's real hoot stuff. Frankly, a lot of it is just Roosevelt-style government works programs, like he wants to build a high speed train that goes around the world, like building a connection at the Bering Strait.

    He's got some really batshit ideas. Like he has something against modern music, he says it's not in the right key and he's petitioned musician organizations to get musicians to perform in a lower key. He also is paranoid about the British, he thinks they're trying to take over the world, like he thinks the Beatles were a British psych-op operation. I remember reading in EIR about how Condelezza Rice was do a state visit to the UK and how "LaRouche was one of the topics of discussion."

    He's also the only presidential candidate who ran despite being ineligible due to his prior felonies for credit card fraud.

    champthom "Champthom doesn't bullshit."
    Retired Staff Founder

  6. They owned the world once, they're going to try for it again!

    Lil Turt Protector

  7. Funny trivia: convicted televangelist Jim Bakker shared a prison cell with LaRouche when LaRouche was serving time for those felonies. He found LaRouche to be well-educated but also crazy.
    • Informative Informative x 1

    Holdek Down to where? All that is down is only my unclit.

  8. Last year, I had the misfortune of having one of these nutjobs preach to me on a Philadelphia street corner about the British monarchy and the Jews' plot to destroy our very way of life. I kept his flyer full of crazy as a souvenir, but I lost it soon after... wish I could've scanned it for you guys. It almost read like timecube.

    What the fuck is up with these guys, and where do they come from? Does LaRouche himself pay his personal army to do this in every major city?
  9. They are volunteers, believe it or not. They cut themselves off from their families and spend most of their waking hours doing this or studying LaRouche's literature.

    Holdek Down to where? All that is down is only my unclit.

  10. BTW, any Brits on here ever see these guys in the UK? Like, what would there message be there? Ha ha.

    Holdek Down to where? All that is down is only my unclit.

  11. Same here, I would love to see these guys try to go to the UK. They would be up there with the Chavs as one of the most despised things. Seriously though, I do wonder if any Brit on this forum has encountered these guys in the UK if these LaRouchebags actually visited what they believe is an evil place.

    c-no Sad Dramatic Noodle Eater
    True & Honest Fan

  12. What? Who?

    Null Je suis une personne folle

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