"Mad at the Internet" - a/k/a KF but with autistic narration

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Marissa is fantastic but also needs to simply take her meds as she's in the legit schizo group with the likes of John Bulla. (sexually)

So yeah a whole stream might dry up the exceptional individual dairy stream but a little gentle chiding is most definitely in order since she's on her autistic crusade against the windmills again obviously.


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I'm not a huge fan of whoever's been fucking with Marissa on YouTube. A lot of the parodies are unfunny and, while it stirs her up, it pollutes her crazy with outside influence.

That doesn't include null, though. She's been obsessed with him for a while thanks to Vordrak. It would be awesome if she agreed to turn up on stream, but I think she's probably too disorganized to show up at a specific time in the mood to babble.

p.s. it might be a nice conciliatory gesture to unban her from her own thread. That was some quality schitz she used to drop.
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