"Mad at the Internet" - a/k/a KF but with autistic narration

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Hmm, I was listening to a back catalog episode today, and… Given recent events did this pan out, do you think?
I think about that clip a lot when I see gunt or whoever do stupid things, and I think the useless people part was completely right.

However, mr guy told cool dude that he thinks defending pedophilia online is something you probably shouldn't do and that kinda blew up the useful people side (or, more controversially, was actually just another step in cool dude moving over to the useless side)

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Josh's computer is allegedly too much of a brick to be able to stream most games. I offered to gift him a walking simulator to play earlier last month and he politely declined on the basis that his setup is far too old for that kind of thing now. I imagine we will have to wait until he gets a newer PC before we are able to watch him stream anything more graphically intensive than SS13.

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Has he considered Arkham Asylum and City? They’re great games and are old enough that they’ll probably run on anything.
Edit: and Friday’s show is still not on the rss feed.