"Mad at the Internet" - a/k/a KF but with autistic narration

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Stream happening tonight. Regular time.



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He described it in site chat, which was kind of relayed in the canary thread. I didn't want to screenshot it without permission because of the vague threats the letter made about no snitching, but it was just for one user, with seemingly no consequences beyond that.

I'm not sure if resetting the canary would be worth it for him given the shit show that the last time caused (maybe just another picture of a hungry cat posted on Twitter would be enough to get the ball rolling), but I appreciated the transparency in spite of the legal threats, and I think LEA knows only to bother fucking with the site if there's someone being particularly criminal in their autism.


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I made some timestamps for the MADI stream. I figured since recently I make timestamps for a lot of the lolcow videos and such, I'd cleanse my palate by making some timestamps for a stream of someone I enjoy listening to for a change.

Here's the timestamps. Clicking the times jumps to that spot in the stream up on the Kiwi Farms Archive channel.
00:00 Josh sets the mood with some climactic Kirby BGM
01:10 "Well, at least I'm not dead! It could have been worse..."
01:30 So what's going on with the Kiwi Farms? (The canary is gone!)
01:50 The EFF and similar organizations won't touch this issue because its Kiwi Farms
02:20 "If you are someone who is a federal lawyer... go ahead and email me"
02:45 Josh overstayed his Ukraine visa, but he's an American so it's no big deal.
03:45 Josh booked a red-eye flight out of the Ukraine on the 23rd
04:00 On shipping his prized monitors that he bought by beating SPCC in the Stream.Me contest (RRU!)
04:30 But how to explain the logistics of all this to the guys at the post office?
04:50 No bubble wrap, and the post office doesn't sell packaging supplies?
05:50 Josh the expert traveler: he's got this down to a science.
06:50 But the flight was delayed for 8 fucking hours! It's fine, the airport is empty...
07:50 ...until 6am, when all of the Odessan Orthodox Jews rocked up.
09:05 The flight gets delayed again, and then -again-. Josh is up the entire night.
10:10 Josh finally crashes into slumber while guarding the highly-coveted outlet charger.
11:50 Two hours later, the airport is a madhouse and the passport control line is ridiculously long.
13:30 Officially, the 'mist' was the reason for all the delayed flights
14:20 The security line is moving so slow because people are holding places for their families
15:10 Josh is a pro: done at the passport counter in 15 seconds!
16:10 "Red is bad, Green is good." Josh picks the Red Zone.
17:10 Josh is interrogated by a pretty Slavic girl wearing a "Soviet uniform"
19:00 She wrote "Go" on Josh's boarding pass. Inspiring and wholesome!
20:10 Off of the first plane, but more airport complications trying to collect baggage
21:10 No drama at passport control, but it's last call for boarding. Will Josh make it?
21:50 Nope, he picked the wrong line.
23:15 At least the airport shouted him a hotel stay and free food/cab for his trouble!
25:00 But there's no cab coming at 4am, and Uber is banned in Europe
26:20 A lucky break! Another guy is getting a cab to the airport right now.
27:55 Josh was catching up on The Biggest Problem in the Universe. Maddox wants to bang a pregnant woman.
28:50 All's well that ends well: Josh got to his destination eventually
29:40 Josh reiterates: "If you have a federal attorney, get them to email me: josh@jaw.sh"
30:00 Josh breaks the good news: Jonathan Jessica Yaniv lost his her Human Rights Tribunal case!
33:40 Yaniv has to pay only $6000 CAD (~$4500 USD) to the women whose lives she destroyed
35:00 Josh extended an offer to Yaniv to chat, but she refused
35:25 On Yaniv's racism/xenophobia. Was it the deciding factor in Yaniv losing the case?
38:55 "Oh [Canada] had an election, by the way."
41:30 Yaniv featured in the Canadian News section of the Chinese newspaper Sing Tao Daily
43:25 The Sing Tao Daily is based: there's a snarling Greta Thunberg in the top-left corner too.
45:55 Chat wants Josh to talk about the 7 year old forced to troon out. But it's so depressing!
48:40 Children shouldn't get SRS/hormone blockers: Jazz Jennings is 'living' proof.
50:55 Josh recounts the story of an impotent serial killer who could only cum while murdering
54:10 Josh still hasn't watched Joker yet
54:25 "It seems like there is an active effort to stop normal healthy families and procreation"
55:20 Josh wraps up the stream, promises a Halloween stream on a deceased lolcow
56:05 Dancing hamsters and the outro song: Paper Planes by MIA

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