"Mad at the Internet" - a/k/a KF but with autistic narration

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Today's song sounds like the residents covering a TV theme, but that's really niche and they can be difficult to identify without vocals


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Oh no, is this guy dead or is this just a hoax? Heard it mentioned from a guy that follows him and I went to look it up myself, apparently there's a Reddit post linking to a forum with pictures of a body that looks like his lying next to a car that looks even more like his.
https://www.reddit.com/r/yourmomshousepodcast/comments/f20la0/fedsmoker_dead/ (Archive)
https://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/threads/crime-scene-on-95-cat-tail-turnoff.212612/ (Archive)

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If it's true then F to a real one.
Fedsmoker died.


Beep boop boop, we're fucked.
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I keep forgetting to suggest this because tism so I’ll drop it here before I forget. Amberlynn has her own faggy version of SOK complete with Troll shielding fat women who make excuses, Spliced complications, Fat sjw niggers who claim to be losing weight , Over the top lives and reaction videos, Speaks for itself really, and Beetus drake who is basically Amber’s alog and shits on her about her weight despite having two weight loss surgeries and gaining his own weight back and was recently outed after being doxed as a liar for claiming he grew up in the ghetto when his family is loaded.

The market is oversaturated with these people and there’s constantly more of them most of them are fat and unappealing themselves, super SJW NEETs that share every bit of their own life, can’t take any from of dissent, go on about how much better they are, etc, the usual deal. It’s clear they get their information from kiwifarms but all condemn the site, beetus drake said we hurt his feelings for calling him a nigger and a faggot. While it’s clear they’re all obsessed with amber that thread is full of people obsessed with them. It’s really funny. The “haydur nation” also covers other cows like Chantal and Amy, and get involved plus some of them are into gayops.

To compliment these youtubers there’s also a thread on all the ‘secret’ Facebook groups, discord’s and mostly shut down Reddit’s. Featuring people buying the same clothes as Amberlynn to prove they’re better looking then her someone even posted their own nudes, thinking about her so often they incorporate her into every part of their life- including stories like: a mom talking to her son and his girlfriend about amber, someone who had a ‘haydur’ themed wedding and about how thinking of amber impacted one woman’s sex life. Then as they were covered in the thread the tards screamed we were doxing them because they used their real name on Facebook or laughed at them. There’s a lot to unpack but it’s funnier then amber herself at this point.
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