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Careercow Maddox / George Ouzounian / George SchnozThe Alphabet of Cuckoldry

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by TakeDownMan, Sep 26, 2016.

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  1. Before I begin let me be clear on feelings on Maddox Pre-Podcasting with an ED quote:
    "Maddox (powerword George Ouzounian) is one of the pioneers of internet trolling, flaming, and unwarranted self importance."

    Maddox before becoming a Podcaster was great, unfortunately when you try and make yourself a "brand" and become the next Adam Carolla, you lose most (if not all of what makes you great).

    Pre podcast:
    was great. Pioneered trolling, etc.

    Maddox starts a podcast with none other than the only other troll that can match his callibur of trolling; Dick Masterson, author of 'men are better than women.' Dick Masterson is a God Tier troll here is proof if you are unfamiliar

    This character alone got him a Job at Spike TV writing for Manswers.

    Biggest problems in the universe: Maddox's autism begins: Maddox, rather than playing the character we all know and love, forgets he's a comedian and begins having layers of autism show through.

    http://thebiggestproblemintheuniverse.com/episode-6/ Maddox defends herpes (34:45) this isn't anything until it was found out later that his current girlfriend might actually have herpes and thats why he's white knighting.

    After a while Dick Begins trolling Maddox whenever he wins. Forces Maddox to watch a minute of titanic every time he loses. Starts beating Maddox with problems and Maddoxs keeps bitching that it is not a contests. The autism on maddox's behalf only ramps up but I will put some more notable examples.

    Despite bring in pedophilia as a "problem", Maddox defends pedophiles.

    "Dick: I don't think…I don't want to leave it up to, like, these people who are looking for help and struggling to express their feelings to their therapists. I don't want it to be in the hands of a therapist to sell them down the river for it.
    Maddox: Yeah. Right.
    Dick: Plus, if I was a pedophile, I wouldn't go to therapy, then. If that were the case.
    Maddox: If you knew. Exactly. It deters people from going to get help. Um, so. This is something I keep finding over and over in the literature that I read. Pedophilia is considered a psychiatric disorder, not a moral failure. I was talking to a friend awhile back, who I said…I asked him…obviously, nobody is in favor of pedophilia, right?
    Dick: Uh-huh.
    Maddox: But I said, "Should we demonize these people to the extent that we are?" because you wouldn't say, like…an autistic person who committed a crime or did something inappropriate. Like…that book and movie, "Of Mice and Men", basically, Lenny, George's brother in the movie, he's a little bit slow. He has some learning development issues, or something like that, and near the end of the movie, he…
    Dick: I thought he was full-on exceptional.
    Maddox: Well, he may have been. And yeah, that's the correct term we like to use. (laughs) (Dick cracks up) And near the end of the movie…(laughing) Near the end of the movie, he accidentally kills someone. And the punishment he got…they hunted him down and…
    Dick: (interjects) Kill him! Yeah.
    Maddox: Wanted to kill him, right? Is that just.
    Dick: Yes.
    Maddox: (scoffs) Okay. Well, I guess that's the end of this debate. (Dick cackles)
    Dick: What do you want 'em to do?
    (Sound clip: Angelo's mom: " You dumb shit!")
    Dick: Sit him down and talk to him about it?‽"
    Maddox: Uh-huh. Yeah, well. You know what, they should have just put him in a choke hold, huh? Um…(laughs) very timely. According to Fred Berlin, a psychiatrist and director for the Sexual Behavior Unit at Johns Hopkins. "We don't know why we experience the sexual desires that we do. For so long we've looked at this as if it's simply a moral issue. People are supposed to have certain attractions. And often, society said if you experience a different kind of sexual temptation or feelings, you're not as morally worthy a person." He said that, "It's not someone's fault that they have the condition, but it is their responsibility to do something about it. Telling me that someone has pedophilia is like someone saying about me that I'm a heterosexual. It doesn't tell you whether I'm kind, cruel, introverted, or extroverted, caring or not caring, intelligent or not intelligent."

    http://thebiggestproblemintheuniverse.com/episode-45/ Maddox after spending most of the podcasts life pretending to be a smoth ladies mans doesn't understand how a penis injury works. This will give was to the running joke of "bags of sand", a refernce to the 40 year old virgin because whenever Maddox tries describing sex throughout the whole show, he is always off and describing things no one can relate to. He also shows he is a complete idiot who fell for the MARS ONE scam and believed it was legit and was ready to give money.

    http://thebiggestproblemintheuniverse.com/episode-80/ Maddox comes out as anti-Trump shitting out all of the [current year] talking points you'd expect.

    I could go on and on in great detail, but it's two years of Maddox slowly turning from Bad-ass troll pirate causing butt hurt on the internet to the faggot who constantly quotes "think pieces" and gets all his opinions from Salon. What you are about to see is Maddox descend into faggotry.

    The Best debate in the universe:
    When biggest problem ended, there was controversy due to Maddox thanking everyone except Dick, and refusing to even speak his name. It was known things ended badly, it was leaked by private convo that Dick told some random fan that Dick and Maddox aren't friends. He does the show for money and fans, and Maddox cuts out so much content that it pisses him off.

    Dick handles it well. Praises Maddox, says it ended due to "Artistic Differences" and that some of the tension on the show was real. (Make sure it is Episode one in link)

    Meanwhile, after killing the Podcast; Maddox started going crazy with the Ban hammer. Anyone asking about dick, mentioning Dick or saying Maddox's new show sucked was banned on all forms of social media.

    As a result of this the two started two competing podcasts. Dick hit major patreon bank because of how Maddox handled the break up.

    (any mention of this to Maddox will get you banned)

    And because Maddox gets pissy, Maddox deletes the entire BPITU site. However Dick makes a back up copy

    Maddox then had the podcast RSS and itunes feed redirect to HIS new show

    Dick talks about his dissatisfaction with shit Maddox is pulling. Says he wanted to end things professionally, starts shit talking Maddox.

    Maddox Brings Back the site after Dick goes public about the conversation he had about deleting all the old work and Maddox blocking him like a bitch. Maddox claims he took down everything for "cyber security" purposes. Then gives away bonus paid episodes for free.

    Dick gets pissed about the bonus pay episodes being given away for free because he was giving away his cut of those episodes as well. Continues to shit all over Maddox.

    Maddox's podcast starts strong, but slowly goes down the toilet in quality.

    It comes out that all guests that go one Maddox's show or get a program on his network have to agree to never appear as guests on the Dick show.

    Finally, Maddox responds

    Basically it boils down to a "it wasn't artist difference", then at the end of the video he says that there were artistic differences. He then tries to make it sound like Dick is a pro-rape maniac and Dick maintains a Rape list (a rape list on 1 of 2 unofficial 8chan boards). Maddox has of course blocks all rating and comments on this.

    He also has been banning people who remind him in his 1st book he gave detailed instructions on how to commit sexual assault because "C is for copping a feel"

    He has been hamming up the anti-rape virtue signaling as well. He is in full DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING damage control mode.
    https://sli.mg/yJWOa5 <this image has been getting DMCA'd on Imgur

    Some comments Maddox made, then deleted

    His audience for his podcast has been in rapid decline as well.

    Maddox used to be the king of shit talk, now he spurgs out, throws tantrums, virtue signals and deletes fucking everything.
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  2. Maddox jumped the shark when he started doing videos. He worked much better in a written format.
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  3. I used to be a huge fan of Maddox. The moment he came out with videos is when he killed his personality.

    It is a shame this asshole has gone from being an epic troll to a SJW signal booster.

    Let this be a lesson to everyone, dont get involved in SJW politics. Not even ONCE.
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    Ol' Slag

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  4. How the mighty have fallen. Maddox was good even into the Video Era with some of his material, i.e. his rants on how public transport in New York sucks, etc. Unfortunately he's not funny any more. I lost interest entirely because of the virtue signalling and regurgitation of SJW talking points.

    I'm no fan of The Donald but there are legitimate arguments to be made against his policies over and above "OMGF HE'S A RAPIST RACIST WITH BAD HIAR!!!!!1" Sadly, these aren't the ones Maddox deploys.

    Coincidentally, his virtue signalling and autism seems to coincide with him getting into semi-mainstream media outlets. Could the two be related? If so, shame on you, Maddox, shame. Time was when you would never have sold out to media moguls telling you what to think.
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    #4 Ginger Piglet, Sep 26, 2016
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  5. I see no problem here.
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  6. Great OP! Was mostly familiar with this guy before he did Youtube stuff. He was pretty funny, it's a shame he lost his mind.

    Okay, that's one good theory. This is mine: he's a relationship chameleon and started dating someone with that ideology. People make a lot of concessions and can change a lot when their partner is really hot. No luck finding her so far.
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  7. I still like his podcast, even if I still miss Dick. I think that his video ain't that bad, and can be pretty entertaining.
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  8. The drama with Maddox has been pretty crazy.

    He flipped out on a segment writer for not "choosing his side" in his spat with Dick. The guy (Asterios) is kind of a beta and tries to be a nice guy, gave Maddox's Herpes riddled girlfriend some comforting words saying "she didn't think Dick's podcast would make it." and then she posted it publicly

    He used to be somewhat decent in video, if not forced. However do you wanna see something funny?

    Here is an example of when Maddox was funny, shitting on everybody on Youtube

    But now, Maddox does almost every single fucking thing in this video.
    Long story told to shitty static images?

    Yup, I've seen that. Oh the best part is when people called him an exceptional individual he just said he "lol trolled them all XD" yet is still selling a t-shirt for this very video....

    Shitty links to all of his social media accounts?
    Why, what is that on the top right corner of his 'network' http://madcastmedia.com/ and is he linking to buy his shitty shirts?

    Shitty twitch streams?
    Fuck yeah, you know it. AND YES HE DOES UNBOXINGS ON IT

    Makes Topical podcast (instead of videos and mashup songs) episodes on "epic fails" and current events. He also does unboxings on his shitty podcast.

    The only thing he is not doing is lists and pranks....
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  9. I thought Maddox was old when I read his blog back in high school and that was at least 15 years ago. I don't want to think how old he is now!
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  10. Damn its like all the old internet stars from the mid-2000's either turned into troons or batshit insane SJW's with a quick banhammer.

    The fame corrupted a good deal of them. I wonder how most of the internet stars of today are going to turn out ten years from now?
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    DerSandstrom Gendergaseous Peter-pansexual

  11. If anything, this just proves that the internet slowly corrupts all those who use it.
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  12. And then you reach the center of the heart of darkness; I.E. joining Kiwi Farms.
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  13. I actually have never listened to his podcasts at all (or any podcast) so I was unaware of any of the drama behind it. I'd be disappointed if he's on his way to becoming SJWs (I thought he openly hated them?) because he tends to be the voice of reason.

    Last video I agreed with him was the special orders one. I agree, picky eaters need to shut the fuck up.
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    John Titor

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  14. This thread is being reported as off-topic but I'm going to allow it because he made this steaming pile of shit with cringe density that, if made by an unknown person, would instantly warrant a thread.

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  15. Goddamn it maddox. You were the antithesis originally of what you became. It's like watching a child watching Santa becoming a cuck.
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  16. the pirate used to sail the salty seas, now the only salt in his life is in his anus
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  17. I always got a "Mexican Lowtax" vibe from Maddox.

    Even worse was Toobis. The, uh, Canadian Lowtax. A knock off of a knock off.
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  18. lol I'm on a message board discussing Maddox. Throw in some 56k modem noises and put some Jordan 13's on my feet and suddenly it's 1999 again.
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  19. Also, because he looks like an HIV-positive Borat.
    You never go full AIDS Borat.
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  20. Damn, this is disappointing. I used to really like Maddox, he did have some good points at times and his "no fucks given" attitude was honestly kind of refreshing. It's a shame he's sold out but sadly it was probably inevitable.
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