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It's certainly helped virtually every internet figure who makes fun of maddox. The patreons alone of such people would make George a millionaire if any of that was his money.
His tard rage is delicious that literally anyone, even a moron like that Madcucks guy, can make more money than he can just by calling him a cuck over and over.

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A few pages I wondered if Haley was the one who made Maddox drop his codename. Now I'm sure of it.

In the podcast world, on a scale between Rogan/Carolla and three hours of static/random sound effects, where would this fall? I want to get really drunk and rant incoherently for an hour and put that out as a podcast and see how much money I can make.
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You know this chapped Maddox's ass more than anything else:
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Wanna laugh even Harder? Tab gave up the Madcucks character, partially cause he got tired of doing it, partially because TDS fans can be autistic retards (Hazencruz, Kimbel and Asterios) and would pester/start shit with him, partially cause after Heather S. there was no where new to take the same joke over and over again. Tab still does a podcast though. He took over an old C.U.N.T. show called "Here's what I don't get" and the Patreon (at time of posting) makes $265 a month.

Maddox recently started hiding how much he made but last I checked it was in the $70's and he's down to 27 patrons.

So Tab is STILL making more than Maddox, doing a show most of TDS doesn't listen to because it's not in the fan favorite character of Madcucks.

This is the funniest thing to happen since Dick put a bumper on TBDITU a while back. Unleashing the dickheads on a subreddit associated with Madcast Media is just fucking vicious and will yield many lulz.
Holy shit I just checked and Maddox got the /r/ProJared treatment. This is the iTunes feed all over again! Maddox seems to be reporting it but the damage is done.

What kind of 42 year old man spends 5 years carrying a torch for a woman so immature she resorts to doing cartoon voices in a podcast about kaiju movies that don't need a play-by-play?

Is this just normal behavior for hollywood orbiters?
Dude, this shit is some of the funniest cringe I've come across for a while. Imagine being George, a guy who use to ride high on being the proto edge lord, a best selling book, and tons of viral videos. Then you fall from grace cause you fuck your top rated podcast into the dirt over refusal to listen to Cal Tech honors grad who told you to start it in the first place's buisness ideas (even though he opens successful companies just for lulz) or respect him at a basic human level because you are hung up on 5 year old puss. You watch yourself lose everything and become a joke. Your GF leaves you because you're a bitch.

Who will wanna fuck you now? People who don't follow the internet culture and post on FB a bunch of political shit!

It's clear he's trying to fuck Haley Macini. It's clear she is the one who wanted to do a podcast thinking that maybe the Maddox magic that made BPITU great will somehow strike again. What makes this funny? Maddox is trying to tap into his clout of high subs on twitter/facebook (probably accounts that are inactive) but doesn't wanna tie his name to it to avoid tipping off the old fan base. He wants to use all his clout of being the old internet bad ass while he acts like a virtue signalling faggot.

As for Haley, I decided to dig a bit. I think the guest spot from "Who are theses podcasts" on TDS tearing apart this show were spot on so I don't wanna repeat those:

  • One of the things Haley says on the podcast is acknowledging that Maddox and her have gone on a date back before Maddox cucked his life into pieces. George is trying to re open doors he closed. The fact that she's doing this show means she either has no clue about how bad Maddox fucked up, or thinks he's stunning and brave for trying to take down all those literal Drumpf Nazis (she's virtue signaled her faggy politics on the show FYI)
  • her IMDB shows the power puff girls reboot. She's the voice of Princess Morbucks and other random voices not worth giving names to. This would look to be the only regular paying gig, everything else is indie crap, piolots or tanked shows. Lol, she even tries to make it seem like she was nominated for an emmie because Power Puff girls was nominated but in the shared with section she has 0 mention.
  • checked her instagram. Going based on looks and posts on her instagram alone, and being totally honest, it's basic bitch shit. She's attractive skinny ginger, posts a lot of inoffensive standard stuff, seems to be more of a home body who occasionally goes to kick backs with friends. Honestly even if she's a bit boring and childish, she may of been a good fit for Maddox's lifestyle.
  • lol, never mind! Maddox are you about to get cucked again? Well this was taken June 23rd 2018. Maybe the peruvian dude she's fucking isn't fucking her any more.... oh wait, nigga they've been together 2 years. Nigga you ain't got a chance!
  • lol, if you go to her 2017 section on instagram you can see where she has baby fever and is posing with other peoples kids and spams this for a few month along with "le drumpf" spicy takes.
  • her Twitter is bland. Full of retweets and basic bitch shit not worth noting. What is worth noting is her pinned tweet. Why is this noteworthy? Most people will pin a tweet relavent to them, rules for communicating with them, or something important. What does she pin? A tweet that happened to do well and get over 6k likes (she averages around 20ish, who are all her UCB friends I'm sure) then if you keep reading after seeing this tweet had decent reach she immediately plugs her comic. This bitch is desperate approval and likes.
  • She's 35. I'm pretty sure her ovaries are drying out and she is desperate to have kids.
  • She's been in L.A. trying to make it into "comedy" since 2006 and is from Colorado. She litterally moved at 18 to make it big and her break out moment was side character on Power Puff Girls.
  • Well it seems she was shit at being a waitress... so she works as a Bank Teller for Wells Fargo and she used her access to Bank info to get in the door
By the looks of it it seems she's trying to bank off of UCB connections opening a door to stardom. She traded having a stable comfortable life in a pretty state to be just another THOT in LA. She's not particularly interesting, not particularly funny, and while cute not the kind of girl that would stand out in Cali. Every little side project she does (and she doesn't seem to have solo projects, everything is with some UCB reject) she acts like its a massive deal that will finally be the pay off she has been looking for.

You gotta wonder, you think by now she wishes she just sucked a few cocks to get a few real roles so she wouldn't have to wait till the tender age of 32 to finally have 1 notable role. Well 2 I guess if you count the Shameless extra spot as Stage 2 Skin Cancer girl.

EDIT: on a side note and rant WTF is with every girl going to LA thinking they are gonna make it? Most of her credits and it's internet shit. She could of stayed in her state and lived a normie life making actual money and done the exact same shit not wasting most of her life.
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on a side note and rant WTF is with every girl going to LA thinking they are gonna make it? Most of her credits and it's internet shit. She could of stayed in her state and lived a normie life making actual money and done the exact same shit not wasting most of her life.
It's not just women. George clearly had the same idea. He thought he was going to turn his angry blog into a television career.

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He could have, though. If he wasn't such a fucking sped. Those cartoon shorts George and Dick produced weren't bad at all. He's just impossible to work with.
True. Dick has also said that in addition to being impossible to work with when he is trying to work, George just never has any drive to try anything and has to be dragged out of his fucking video games for every project by people with an actual work ethic. Dick had to pester him for like 6 months to even get biggest problem off the ground in the first place, for example.

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  • She's 35. I'm pretty sure her ovaries are drying out and she is desperate to have kids.
  • She's been in L.A. trying to make it into "comedy" since 2006 and is from Colorado. She litterally moved at 18 to make it big and her break out moment was side character on Power Puff Girls.
How can she be 35 if she moved to LA at age 18 in 2006? Am I missing part of the timeline? MyLife is notoriously inaccurate and I don’t understand why anyone uses it. It says I’m married which is seriously LOL

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Got some cringy Maddox tweets for y'all today.

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Imagine being a 41 year old man and calling Pikachu Air Jordan's "sick". Would go real well with his signature sports coat and gamer tee look.

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Maddox still taking credit for Dick riding his enigma when his patreon is under $100 and his brand is dead. Nothing is ever his fault - he was betrayed, you see. Truly a victim.
You don't get to call it a knife in the back when you accused the person of maintaining a "rape list"

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New leaks from Wauterboi. I would actually kill myself if I talked like George in this. 40 year old man who cant accept any responsibility for his actions. Truly hoisted by his own retard.

<Maddox> I don't care about what you're a fan of, this isn't content, this is slander and harassment

[2017-01-13 18:53:34] <Maddox> And stalking.

[2017-01-13 18:54:07] <Maddox> I can't believe these idiots violate my trust and somehow I'm the bad guy for SPEAKING MY MIND AND TRYING TO DEFEND MYSELF

[2017-01-13 18:54:09] <Maddox> Fuck that dude.

[2017-01-13 18:55:36] <Maddox> This is sick. That whole fan base is full of harassers. You guys are hurting real people with feelings. Those idiots don't even seem to realize that Maddox is a character

[2017-01-13 18:55:40] <Maddox> They're going after my fucking livelihood

[2017-01-13 18:56:37] <Maddox> If I defend myself, I'm wrong. If I stay silent, I'm wrong. If I make a public statement, I'm wrong. Got it. Only dick is the right one. He's a good person who sleeps with people's wives, calls women fat, harasses private people and he's the one who doesn't need to apologize. Cool.

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I like how Maddox somehow thinks Dick calling women fat is on the same level as trying to ruin lives with rape accusations and lawsuits.
I also like how he says "maddox is a character" as if that excuses all the shocking and offensive shit he's said over the years. Last I checked the wokefolk he considers himself one of don't believe in separating the artist from the art (or the autist from the aut in this case, I guess), so by their standards his article about Elizabeth Smart normalized rape and victim blaming.