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Tasty Tatty
The world wonders ...

If you are a wamman, would you have sex in this bed if a guy you just met took you back to it?
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hahahahahahahhahahahahaaaaaa hahahahahahhahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaa

No, I would not. I wouldn't mind if the guy owns that and I'm visiting and catch a sight of it, but if he takes me to his bed for sex WHILE that is there, I definitely wouldn't.

Shroom King
That's the cover to his book, I am Better than your Kids. He has the other book next to it. There's a conspicuous space next to it with nothing hung up. I think he might've took something down.
That's the best thing about this picture. This has to be Maddox's room, because he is the only one I can think of who would actually frame the covers of Maddox's books and hang them on the wall.

The Fuck Whales cover looks like it is being used to cover up the window to block out the sunlight. Using his reminders of former glory to shut out the outside world... how oddly poetic.


Is dumb and lost Polyboros password
So just for some knowledge, the curtain is to section off his Podcast/YouTube studio from the rest of his bedroom, and the shelves of baggied clothing is his merch, since it's all probably so old then rather than using one of the more recent printing companies that handles logistics for you, his merch lives with him in his bedroom, absorbing his farts and occasionally getting spent as a jizzrag because that's the most value he's gonna get out of it nowadays.


Primark Primarch
True and honest wamman.

Bedsheets that look back at you aren’t really going to get you in the mood. Add in the green screen room divider, and the recording equipment aimed at the bed and id be wondering if I was going to end up on some sort of furtively filmed amateur porn tube...

I do not like this sleeping arrangement and I would not have sex in it.

mosh spice
Oooo fuck yeah mmmm

Sike lol it’s gonna be a no from me dawg

what a ridiculous fucking bed spread... this dude’s not doing himself any favors, especially being that he’s already playing with a handicap. I assume in addition to being ugly he’s also a shit head, since he has a thread here and apparently has the special attention of @Null
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Alpha Winner Deluxe
True & Honest Fan
Am I
The world wonders ...

If you are a wamman, would you have sex in this bed if a guy you just met took you back to it?
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Gotta be honest with you mate, I would not. I have to draw the line somewhere, and this is that line.

Well, this and the sharks on the wall. And the...curtain door. And the lack of cupboards. And the everything. Everything about this. Everything about this is bad and my vagina says no. And my vagina is usually into some weird shit.

But...not this.

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