Careercow Maddox / George Ouzounian / George Schnoz - The Alphabet of Cuckoldry (alternatively: The Biggest Cuck in the Universe)

Another day, another wretched example of cuckery:


It looks like Maddox got triggered by something about Dick's appearance on The Guntstream at the weekend and this cuck has produced his own clipped and edited video, putting hours of his worthless life in to listening to clips of his worst enemy having the banter and polishing it to try to make #DickLies Part II. He's replying/sperging in the comments, too.



The groypers trolling Charlie Kirk (who George presumably also considers to be toxic) is one of the funniest things that has happened on the Internet recently, and there's "Internet comedian" George Ouzounian on 100% the anti-funny side once again.

Interestingly, semi-famous and occasionally somewhat amusing radio impersonations boomer Phil Hendrie comes in with a completely brainless take. Hopefully that photo that a troll posted will give him pause next time he considers backing up his Nazi/Rape-Man Adjacent pal.



He's shit-talking 80s Girl again:

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Ooo boy, we got another spaghetti week boiling. George must be pretty high on his farts from the double whammy of lynch mobbing last week.

I'm sure this won't blow up in his face in any way.


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Maddox has way too much time on his hands now that he is no longer producing any actual content, has no project and is thus 100% jobless. Combine that with taking edibles and we get the spaghetti we have been seeing lately.
How does he afford edibles and being in California?


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You only need to know two things:

1. He has ranted against Dropbox for being too complicated.
2. He said that FTP was superior.

I rest my case.
Holy shit, how the hell does he expect the average person to use filezilla?


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It's a very recent addition, I think they added it last month? No surprise seeing Maddox make use of it.
I thought it was only available in Canada?

Is Maddox seriously changing his Twitter settings to Canada, of all the cucked places, so he can hide all the actual interaction (mean hurty comments) from his tweets?

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