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Madonna has been melting down the entirety of 2016 and continuing to do so into 2017, so I think we should start a deadpool for when she's found having overdosed from a combination of alcohol and barbiturates. I think this has everything to do with not having produced any decent quality since the 80's/90's, and losing her sex appeal to the point where she can only court sugarbabies and only for brief periods of time. She's been trying to use Trump's election to presidency as a smokescreen for her decent into madness and as a platform to make herself relevant when she's really just another celebrity aging gracelessly. Her catastrophizing Trump can't go without being mentioned in this thread, but let's try to keep "TRUMP IS A NAZI" out of it so it doesn't get locked

Here's my favorite highlight from 2016:
‘Someone please f–k me’: Madonna’s onstage meltdown
Madonna looked like she needed a prayer Saturday night — as she guzzled booze, begged for someone to “f- -k” her and called her ex-husband a “son of a bitch” at a packed concert in Australia.

“Someone please take care of me, please. Who is going to take care of me?” the 57-year-old singer exclaimed in one of many ramblings during an onstage meltdown in Melbourne, according to Britain’s Sun newspaper.

lol strong independent woman


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Demand first post about Madonna to be this :heart-full:

Because while she's washed up today, she sure knew how to compose music videos. I am in love with it due to black backgrounds and extreme zooms during perfect rhythmic times


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And yet our moms and grandmas all hit age 57 and cooked our Christmas dinners without riding around on trikes and pleading for love from strangers. What is it about the entertainment industry that women don't allow themselves the natural aging process? Yes, youth is sexy and she was smoking hot in her day. Then it becomes about other things-or it should.

Especially for the queen of reinvention.

I didn't know Madonna was breaking down like this, it's sad and also stupid. Lay off the booze, Madonna, get your kid back and take care of yourself with your fucking millions.

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I'm hesitant keeping this thread open - normally we don't allow threads on celebrities, but with the success of the Lena Dunham thread I think I'll allow it - if it becomes obvious there's not enough there to keep a thread good, I'll lock it.

Anyway, back on topic, she popped up in headlines October 2016 -
Madonna promises to give anyone who votes for Hillary Clinton ‘a blow job’
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Madonna always talks shit about Lady Gaga and therefore is trash.

Like... you're not the first female pop artist, you won't be the last. At least Gaga's arms don't look like bat wings.
Oh God. She does. I remember her being so salty back in 2011 about GaGa's "Born This Way" because she thought GaGa was ripping off "Express Yourself." Admittedly, the songs sound a bit similar but I highly doubt GaGa ripped off Madonna. It's more like Madonna is jealous of GaGa because she's younger and more relevant these days.

I love Madonna's 80s and 90s stuff (and some of her 2000s stuff as well) but it's pretty obvious she's passed her prime. I will give her credit at the fact that she managed to stay relevant for almost three decades is pretty impressive. Most popstars don't have that longevity. But even the ones that do eventually fade away. It's better for her to say in the shadows but not fuck up her legacy than to attention whore and to have death's grip onto any sort of relevancy she still might possess. If only if she knew this. *sigh*
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