Celebrity Madonna - elderly woman mired in existential crisis.


Didn't she also get into a cat fight with Kylie Minogue at some point?

When, during the '80s or sometime more recent?

At least Madonna's attempts at staying in the public eye tend to be hit or miss. Here in the States, Kylie Minogue has really only been known for a couple of hits...as well as for appearing in Bio-Dome.

Though nowadays they seem to fill the same niche. They seem to be more popular among LGBTQLMNOP groups now.


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Dolly Parton is an incredible singer, whereas madonna has always been a gaptoothed, thin-voiced faghag.
Dolly Parton is an incredible singer who has started to look like a muppet... but is a fucking sweetheart. She's one of the celebrities where if it came out she was a horrible person I'd be crushed.

Madonna, on the other hand (haha), has always been a bitchy.

Ya, her hands. The buldging veins look like years of heavy alcohol abuse, and who knows what else.

It's funny we have a Mad thread because I saw on the news she went skiing with her younger kids and I thought 'oh, that's nice' until I saw she brought her new man doll who is like 30 years younger. Who brings their sugar baby around their kids? That's grosser than her hands.
Looks like Lourdes got her mothers genes. Someone should warn her to take care of her hands.

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I think I remember readingt something about how she wanted to wax/pluck/whatever the unibrow and mustache but Mommy Madonna wouldn't let her. Now she's older she looks like a normal person.

Madonna also has a hairy face, but for some strange reason she bleaches her facial hair instead of waxing/plucking/shaving or you know, laser hair removal that she has enough money to get done a million times over...


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Madonna needs to get some tips from someone like Dolly Parton, she seems to be able to stay relevant and dress in a fashionable yet age appropriate way.
I think Dolly Parton is a pretty smart woman, not just in terms of her musical ability. She's built a lot of her image around being a down-to-earth person and generally having a relatable personality that invites fan loyalty. So while she was pretty hot in her day, she can afford to let time take its course. She'll still be raking in the dollars when she's a hundred years old, because her fans like who she is.

Madonna, though, built her image on very shallow foundations. It's always been about being sexy and shocking. Which is fine when you're in your 20s and even 30s, but it's not sustainable into middle age. Now she comes across as that one spinster aunt who shows up to weddings, gets falling-down drunk and tries to bang the groom.


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Madonna was hot until the 2005, then her age really caught up to her.
I'd rather say plastic surgery no longer outpaces the aging process.
I used to like some of her songs, 80s/90s era, but this is where she's at now:

Even Nicki Minaj's performance is literally phoned in and even she seems embarrassed to be seen with Madonna.
God damnit, 30 seconds in and it almost gave me autism.
The choreography (if you can even call it that) looks like something out of Blues Clues.

It's also really not that surprising. Madonna built her entire career around being "sexy", that's a great idea... until you become old. Then your career is essentially over. She could have tried to go for a different kind of music, do something more mature that is more fitting to her actual age. After all, her fans aged with her. Trying to stay with the young demographic just means she's being outshined by people that don't look like Gollum in a wig and that are willing to do even more shocking bullshit than Madonna ever was willing to do.

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