Magic The Gathering Cosplay/Deplatforming FalloutMagic has certainly gathered. Grab your popcorn.

Discussion in 'Salt Mine' started by CrunkLord420, Nov 26, 2017.

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OwO What's This?


who is the REAL lolcow?

  1. Wizards of the Coast

    41 vote(s)
  2. Jeremy

    27 vote(s)
  3. The Professor

    20 vote(s)
  4. Wedge

    19 vote(s)
  5. MTG Lion

    14 vote(s)
  6. The Cosplayer

    27 vote(s)
  7. Rudy

    10 vote(s)
  8. KillThemCrackasBabies

    30 vote(s)
  9. CrunkLord420

    15 vote(s)
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  1. I actually play this nerdshit and enjoy it thoroughly. Here's my autistically long take on the whole thing:

    1. The cardstock has been ass as of late. Experiences like this one:
    are not uncommon. That's a fucking problem when that's how you play the game. If you open a pack and your cards aren't immediately NM, that's a big problem.

    2. I'd never heard of the cosplayer before this "scandal" and literally don't care. I'm not at a tournament to stare at tits in a costume. Fun fact (in case nobody has mentioned this already): she claimed harassment 6 months after the alleged "harassment" occurred. Why? Her Patreon was in decline. She's a drama whore and a money whore.

    3. Jeremy is an edgelord, is buddies with, and actively chats with Sargon. WOTC doesn't like edgelords, but a permaban was WAY too harsh. IMO they shoulda given him 6-12 month ban as a slap on the wrist. He eventually gets back into the game and they placate the shrieking harpies on social media. Although I'm not too surprised. WOTC banned the MTG Crackstyle guy for 18 months and all he was doing was making jokes.

    4. Jeremy (seems) to sincerely care about the game itself, but hates the company. Someone who hated the product wouldn't work on exposing pedophiles in the midst of a game that has children players (although the average person's age that I see playing is early-mid 20's)

    5. That being said, Jeremy's content isn't very good. He's just as clickbaity and hyperbolic as the rest of them, except he has naughty opinions.

    6. Recent sets have been ass. Standard bannings have exacerbated already bad problems. Of all the sets currently in standard, Kaladesh and Aether Revolt are easily the best. And those sets aren't amazing, just way better than the rest. Amonkhet, Hour of Devastation, Ixalan, and Rivals of Ixalan are mostly hot garbage. They're SO weak compared to KLD block and it really shows. Wizards NEEDED to print more good removal, but didn't for far too long and sales suffered because of how boring Standard was.

    7. Iconic Masters was a great idea, but horribly executed and was a tremendous flop. When people read "Iconic" they thought of all iconic cards. The set actually was Iconic Creatures. People were understandably pissed by the poor choice of title. NOW we're getting Masters 25, an amazing concept once again poorly executed with terrible choices and mistakes for many reprints. Why Tree of Redemption and not Tarmogoyf? Why are both Akromas mythic? Why print Lightning Bolt at uncommon instead of common?

    8. Wedge from TheManaSource is a cringy beta. I've never liked his videos. The Professor of TCC actually has some good content when he's not whining about "muh harrassment". The best MTG channel (in my opinion) is MTGGoldfish. He doesn't do anything except feature and play decks. No drama, no bullshit. Just gameplay and card discussion.

    9. Boogie was speaking truth when he said this:
    People don't give a shit. They just wanna enjoy their hobby and play some games.

    10. The main MTG subreddit is cancer. Maro needs to resign. If you wanna read about gameplay and card discussion without all the fluff and bullshit, go to /r/spikes.

    11. Despite all of this, the game itself is still fun. If you can afford it, some of the most fun I've ever had playing the game was at a Legacy tournament, so try that format out. The "MTG community" is shit, so just ignore it and find a group of friends to go out and play with, be it casual or at tournaments.

    12. The release notes for the next upcoming set (Dominaria) was leaked (by Wizards, too LOL) and it looks really fucking good. They're actually bringing back some of the things they previously said were "too powerful" for Standard (ex: Llanowar Elves).

    13. Dominaria is going to be the first set to have the Play Design team's oversight during development. Funny enough, WOTC created the Play Design team after R&D missed a game-breaking combo (Copy Cat) in 2017 (the internet found the combo in about 10 minutes LOL) that really fucked up tournament Magic for a while until one of the pieces was banned. For reference, this is the Play Design team's job:
    Now that the game will have this team's oversight on each set going forward, the future sets will (hopefully) be better balanced and more fun.

    TL;DR - The game is fun, if it's your thing. Jeremy was an edgelord but didn't deserve a permaban. Hopefully the Play Design team sets WOTC straight and makes new sets high on fun, playability, and balance.
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  2. The fact that a 4-drop instant removal spell is $17 right now should speak volumes to the low powerlevel of standard
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  3. No kidding. I was pissed when Walk the Plank was a Sorcery. At least we have Fatal Push.
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  4. Rudy just opened near identical boxes of Masters 25. Does this mean pallets can be mapped? RIP the secondary market.
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  5. I can’t wait to hear Rudy’s take on Dominaria and how that May effect the game. Not gonna lie, it did get me with nostalgia.
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  6. Apparently the reddit is going full SHUT IT DOWN mode by deleted anything that mentions what happens in this video.
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  7. If you can't buy a single booster pack without worrying about it being mapped, this will absolutely devastate local game stores which I imagine aren't in the business of selling full boxes.

    Hasbro is gonna be so pissed, which are already having a bad time with Toys R Us shutting down.
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  8. When MM17 was out I bought, in total, 17 loose packs from various LGS's in my area. I did not get a single mythic, and only one fetch. I am beginning to think that there are reasons for that.


    For real though this could be the most colossal fuck up from WOTC of all time. Imagine if every box out there right now is the same as the ones opened in the video?

    Gotta admit though, it'd be nice to pick up a $5 Blood Moon if thats the case.

    I just can't even keep up with it anymore. Everything this company does turns to shit.
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  9. I'm still thinking about this. You'd buy a bunch of boxes, check the first booster pack against your mapping database and know which booster packs to sell and which to open to sell as singles. If the position of the booster pack for the mythic is always the same, that can be grabbed as well. Cases might be randomized, Rudy just grabbed two from the floor at random so him grabbing two identical ones back to back is just a coincidence.

    The video states he was recording this in January, which means a lot of wholesalers/retailers should know this by now. Still, Rudy is releasing this information before the launch date of March 16th, directly affecting launch day sales of booster packs. I'm not sure how much Rudy sells in terms of booster packs vs. boxes. At first glance it might seem like he's destroying the value of his own stock, but if he sells mostly boxes his sales might increase from people who won't buy booster packs, but still the product should still lose value overall.

    It seems like this post was removed, and then re-added to the main Magic subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/magicTCG/comments/847fdi/ugh2_boxes_of_masters_25_opened_almost_identical/ (https://archive.fo/8V7br)

    It's totally gained traction on the reddit, in the number 1 slot and people are calling for the mods heads for originally removing it.
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    #589 CrunkLord420, Mar 13, 2018
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  10. I'm *pretty* sure that he misspoke when he said January 16th, the "No tree Gaurentee" meme is only a day old, which he references in the video.
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  11. How does that work, exactly? Do they just have the pack distribution repeat every N boxes? Is this in the realm of "1 in X boxes are affected" or is this ALL of them?

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  12. For memes sake I hope its all of them

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  13. I can't see a situation where only some boxes are affected, these playing cards are manufactured and packed on an industrial assembly line. Did someone at Cartamundi forget to install the randomizer machine in the line when switching over from actual playing cards to magic cards? How else does this happen?

    Even if Cartamundi realized their mistake part way through the run, it still taints them all because you ultimately do not know where that booster pack came from. The blind box is broken and there's a asymmetry in information between the buyer and seller. Now that they're in the wild it cannot be undone.

    Some reddit thread stuff. There's a poster seemingly claiming this is affecting Europe as well, which is weird because Europe has a different manufacturing facility as far as I'm aware. I don't think this is a situation that can be resolved with returns because they're already out to customers. Packs are being opened. If it was reprinted with different boxes any existing stock would lose even more value.

    What's ink blotting? The card titles seem a bit too bold

    PS. how do I short Hasbro's stock?
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  14. How have they fucked up this badly?

    Edit: Desilatormagic should be added to the lolcow poll because he spergs out so much. He just released a video where he opens some boxes and doesn't get dupes so Rudy must have used his magic powers to pick sealed boxes which had the defect, same with other openers who have had the same problem.

    Oh and Rudy saying Jan 16th might have been to do with the time when Desilatormagic sperged about Rudy managing to get boxes early and got jealous since then he has had a vendetta.
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  15. Jeremy is taking this randomization issue pretty badly.

    Link the video and if it's good I'll add him.
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  16. Put his name on the poll as Desolator “alcohol is bad and I hope a drunk driver kills your dad” Magic.

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  17. Yeah sorry was half asleep when typing that post, most of the sperg is in the description of the second video but he really does seem to hate Rudy as it's dispersed in these two, the description of the second video and some of his comment replies calling Rudy a liar.


    Should this thread just become MTG general or moved to community watch?

    Jeremy -who apparently was baffled that Metekor thought it wasn't a problem to "discuss private matters" via private messages- might actually keep logs of his voice conversations with people and simply chooses not to release them.

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  19. Cows of a feather fuck each other
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  20. They did pretty much say it was for nonbinary players. Swear there was an article of it but who knows it probably got memory holed by now.
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