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Mail Time with Null

Discussion in 'Take that off the god damn Internet!' started by Null, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. I've gotten similar for random shit I wrote on All The Tropes.

    These emails all read like "please signal boost my shitty site even though you have no reason to give a damn about mine".
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  2. Glen or Glenda? Actually, both goods can be optimally allocated in the same gender identity.
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    Terrorist Osama bin Ladkin

  3. A quick Google search revealed no less than three phone numbers associated with an investigate section of the FBI. The genius that crafted that FBI email decided the best phone number to use down was the FBI Press Office.
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  4. It's all gonna end up in the same place anyway

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  5. I don't blame the random guy tbh
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    Kamiii God

  6. xW1jewV.png
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  7. Whomever wrote the searchbot parameters for that VPNmentor mail actually included 'child pornography' and/or 'loli' as target words for spamming an article on empowering women online.......what in the actual fuck?
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    The Un-Clit

    The Un-Clit Can you find it? come on in, look closer!

  8. 1. Molest kids
    2. ???
    3. Empower women
    4. Profit!
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    A Mashed Potato

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  9. I think the bot just saw "pornography" and "bad" and thought it was a pro-women webpage :story:.
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  10. "Thunderbird thinks this is junk mail" I think we're onto something boys
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  11. It's a real article on VPNmentor.com. I'm inclined to think the spam is intended to advertise that article.

    This is likely the post that attracted the bot.
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    #511 Goofy Logic, Oct 27, 2018
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    Goofy Logic

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  12. I don't know if it makes it worse or funnier to me that the bot targeted that single post.
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  13. I wonder if you sit there with a snack and drink and read these like it's a sitcom show to you, because I totally would. These emails are :autism:
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  14. upload_2018-12-5_20-46-34.png
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  15. Is this one really trying to KF Rules against Null? :story:
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  17. This is the kind of thing that makes me love sovcits (for entertainment value). It's not that they're necessarily stupid- at least more than lots of other people- it's that they really think the world is going to bend over for them if they're just a little clever.
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