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I found out by complete accident that Ariana Grande has a song called bloodline (yes, all lower-case).

So obviously I mashed it up with the Dethklok song of the same name. It turned out really well all things considered.

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't mash it with the Slayer song of the same name.


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The Family International and ABBA: "S.O.S."

EDIT: Oh geez, I tried the same matchup before.

However, perhaps the D.J. A.I. is getting more sophisticated compared to a year ago as I like the newer attempt much better since it synchs up the "S.O.S." chorus of the Family International cult song with the "When you're gone, how can I even try to go on?" of the ABBA song.
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Duncan Hills Coffee

Awakes you from a thousand deaths
No More Tears meets My Name is Mud.

DMC4's Shall Never Surrender with Mass Effect 2's Suicide Mission

California Gurls Love to Make Balloons

To prevent double posting, I just did MGS2 theme meets Mass Effect 2's Suicide mission. Always felt they sounded a bit similar

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