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Badonkadonk Trash

yo yo negro pirates, the gang is on the loose
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I thought this was going to be shit because one of the two songs in it is kind of shit, but they actually ended up going together surprisingly well, (probably because the other one was Careless Whisper)... right up until a bunch of people in the video who you'd never want to see naked started stripping down to their skivvies (Technically SFW, but eww). Maybe watch the video minimized if that sort of thing is too gross for you.

It's ok if you don't like this and give me neg ratings for it, but you *were* warned, lol. Still sharing because I dig how the remix turned out.
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Robert Sanvagene

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Thanks, KF. I can see myself wasting many hours on this site.

First attempt. Some parts turned out really well ... others ... not so much. "Get Ready For Cambodia" would be a better title.

Second attempt. Better. Even the title kinda makes sense.

Third attempt. The word "blursed" springs to mind.

I just wish I could edit the names. The generated names are clunky to say the least.
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I've mixed two of the best 1990's club songs together.
Real McCoy and Corona.
Rhythm Of Another Night.

Butthole Surfers and Porno For Pyros.
It sounds like something the Butthole Surfers would make while high.

King Missile And King Missile.
Detachable Scorsese
I already knew this would sound interesting when I put the two songs together.

Britney Spears and Bobby Brown.
My Prererogative

Oscar Wildean

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Celine Dion "My Heart Will Go On" and Linkin Park "Crawling."
I was hoping to get this:

Combining The Smiths "How Soon Is Now" with Snake River Conspiracy's cover of it turned it into a badass rock song.