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Blue skies, shining on me.

This one doesn't sound that good together, but the story in my head made me laugh. Imagine the following: Marty Robbins and Johnny Cash were both invited to some tiny little bar to sing about Texas Red and the Ranger with the big iron on his hip. Neither one knows the other will be there until they get there...

They grudgingly decide to each set up on opposite sides of the bar and tell the story their own way. Johnny huffs some helium first for some reason.

They both start to sing the ballad, but they're throwing eachother off and getting the story really out of order. Marty quickly goes way too far into the story way too soon. At one point in the middle, Johnny is so frustrated that he just starts over again from the beginning and he eventually gets pissed and just walks off the stage mid-sentence.
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Blue skies, shining on me.
Turns out Guile's theme really *does* go with everything, even the song it very clearly ripped off...
It's a pretty damn good song by itself if you were wondering.
Edit: It's slightly ambiguous at the beginning, but listen until at least 1:30 when it becomes completely obvious, and then keep listening because it's still a damn good song.
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