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Turns out mixing the Doom 2016 soundtrack with Aphex Twin improves both considerably:

I think this the actual sound of Hell.

What happens when you mash up two existing mashups:

I present to you: LinkinMouth Carlton Against the Machine.

It actually sorta works.
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I honestly can't tell if this turned out good.

Frontier Psychiatry End Credits

Edit: Dear god, this is gonna be a new time sink.

Slavery in Teen Spirit

Cambodia in Dahmer

Years Century Schizoid Man

Bloom the Dahmer

Money Stand For Close to Nothing

Sells Lennon

Bohemian of Rhapsody


I Comes Myself Sun Want the Die


September Coaster of Love

Megadeth of a Gun

Bullets Queen

A Moon in Freezing Life

The Dahmer Good Morning

Sex Offender 3: Shuffle

Theme Like Song Spirit (Futurama + Smells like teen spirit)

Spongebob End Credits + South Park End Credits

Sweating Bullets This Dude

Submarine Underwater Friends

Garden Underwater Friends

Song=And the Chocolate Factory
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Aqualung Survivor

Love Ice Rollercoaster

Lane Moon

Mechanic Lounge Act

The Of Name White

Boss Of A Gun

Sussane Tea

They Mans Party Giants

Across the Nirvana

Across the Echoes

Polly Just Seen A Face


Careless Whisper 3: Saxophone Instrumental Madness - A Grand Day Out

Love Rollercoaster Ken Jap Opening

Fields Forever Coffee Jingle

When Chop You Learn Suey Instrumental Consequences

Fourth of Firestarter

Ranch From Hell

The Life 3: Masturbation Masturbatory Madness - A Grand Day In

Lane the Manger

Com Offender Shuffle

Sex The Offender: The Shuffle Song
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