Make a new rule against doxing Kiwi Farms users -

Should it be against the rules to dox Kiwi Farms users

  • Yes

    Votes: 33 7.0%
  • No

    Votes: 439 93.0%

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This site encourages its users to be anonymous and it is already against the rules to start a lolcow thread about a Kiwi Farms user so it makes sense to make it against the rules to dox them. Back in September, this site was hacked into, and people’s IP addresses were leaked, showing how dangerous it is for the users here. I left the site after that happened because there are 2 pictures of me here that the mods have refused to remove. I returned recently in an attempt to get them removed. If they do not get removed, I will leave this site again and you will miss me.

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It's not the site's fault you were dumb enough to post personal details online. There's already warnings that are shown to you upon signing up, which you, for some reason that can only be explained by olympic-level mental gymnastics, decided to ignore. Maybe try using this as a learning opportunity to think twice about your internet footprint.

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Hey @Null Have you heard that literally everything youve done to make this site even an option nowadays wasnt enough, and while you can use it securely if you want too with ease wasnt enough! OP needs more rules on fucking doxxxxxxing cause its just too damn tawxik to treat every potential lolcow as a lolcow and not with a gay little 'kf member' badge. O yeah and all that stuff youve done to make it more secure with data since the hack?, well thats just proves it wasnt enough cause it shouldnt of happened anyway !!!! *R_tard spasms and foams at mouth*

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