Make a really weird threat -

wow magic

Your ignorance is ignorant.
Leave me alone, or I'll break into your home, trap you, and make you eat expired Honey Nut Cereal.


It's only gay if the balls touch.
Talk shit again and I'll lick your belly button while violently masturbating. For reals.

Remove Goat

Wendy_Carter's #1 fan and potential rapist
True & Honest Fan
If you don't knock it off, I'll send you to an autism convention, and I won't be doing laundry when you get home.
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King Buzzo

I'm starboard to nowhere on the Milky Way
True & Honest Fan
I will open up your mi|k and leave it exposed in the refrigerator overnight. Enjoy your cereal, you fuck.


Godmaster Reverend
True & Honest Fan
Yo momma, she’s goin’ out on a date. She’s gonna have a good time, you dig? A good time.


Live young, die fast
I’m gonna send all your fucking posts on KF to your mom, including the ones where you admit your fetish, you freak.

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