Make a sandwich with me 5/8/2021 - NO


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Edit: it’s literally her making a sandwich (but not before throwing away one because it tasted nasty and using a fuck ton of mayo.) This has got to be the bottom of the pit.
Big Al makes a sandwich, throws it in the garbage, makes two sandwiches and then presumably orders out. That's it. That's the video. Well, there's a bit about her bad mentals, and how deli buffalo chicken tastes like poison, but that's just her usual trolling so...yeah.


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There's no surprise she'll finish BOTH sandwiches after the video in seconds. She consumed 8 slices of deli meat and 4 strips of bacon with mayo and 4 THICC bread slices and said "sandwiches are especially low calories".

Yeah sure- "most calories come from the bread" yet you devour 2 sandwiches instead of just one (its TASTY white bread- genius...).

Unfortunate Fat AL didn't learn how to make a healthier plate from Jenny Craig meals.
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She may be boring as all fuck now but I love that thumbnail, really shows off how deformed her face has become from all the fat and discolored skin. Imagine looking like that and still eyefucking yourself and making "i'm so hot" posts on social media. Truly the deathfats know no bounds in their hubris.

Fatty ate ALL her 'sammiches'. No way does she throw away any food, at all - not even a snack that she's eating while she waits for her real food order to be delivered.
As for this being the 'new' day one... She's about to enter one of the most stressful times of her life, what with the second most beloved thing in her life, after food, namely Density, marrying someone else. She'll bang on a lot more weight in the next few weeks... and probably dream up a health problem, both for content and attention, from viewers and a last ditch attempt to win Density back. But, just like herself and her butler, it won't work.